Project 365 2018 Week 33

This week I’ve spent a lot of time with just my daughter. The boys are pretty independent and she’s been a bit bored and lonely with most of her friends on holiday.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 224 – Sunday 12th August – my daughter and I caught the train to Birmingham to be in the audience of the new BBC show –The Greatest Dancer. You can just about make out presenters Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo on stage and judge, Cheryl, standing up.

The Greatest Dancer, TV, Alesha Dixon, 365

Day 225 – Monday 13th August – we didn’t have any plans and my daughter asked to go Gromit hunting in the afternoon. We decided to find some of the ones we couldn’t find on foot. It was a bit of a crazy idea, with bad traffic on the motorway, but we found six of them. We’ve got just 19 left to find. I don’t know if we will have to time to get them all.

Toto, Gromit, Gromit Unleashed 2, 365

Day 226 – Tuesday 14th August – the younger two and I went over to my son’s friend’s house to pick up his walking bag and sleeping bag he hadn’t had room for in his luggage on the plane. Then my daughter and I went a walk up the hill, so she can break her walking boots in before she goes to Snowdon at the weekend.

Daughter, Hill, Walking, 365

Day 227 – Wednesday 15th August – my daughter and I went to the cinema to see Mamma Mia Here We Go Again with our friends from ballet. I’ve been out with the mum a few times before, but this is the first time we’ve taken the girls with us. We absolutely loved the film and thought it was better than the original.

Popcorn, Cinema, 365

Day 228 – Thursday 16th August – a very quiet day at home. I haven’t shared a photo of my garden for a long time. After a few downpours over the last couple of weeks, parts of our grass are growing and other parts are still very dead. I think it’s going to need cutting soon, though!

grass, garden, lawn, 365

Day 229 – Friday 17th August – camping day! Every year my husband takes the kids camping with his friend and his kids. They were pretty late setting off and it took them a long time to get there. It’s pretty lonely at home on my own, but I’m aiming to do lots of reading.

Camping, Family, 365

Day 230 – Saturday 18th August – after three weeks of running at different parkruns, I was back to my home parkrun. This is people walking down to the start line, not them running!

parkrun, home parkrun, runners, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • I absolutely love the Gromits. I never tire of looking for them and photographing them.

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  1. It looks like you have had a lovely time with your daughter. I hope you do manage to find all the Gromits.
    I hope the kids and your hubby has a fab time camping. Enjoy your reading! x

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    • Thanks! It’s been lovely spending time with my daughter. Her friends are starting to get back from holiday now, so I don’t think I’ll see as much of her this coming week. I’ve nearly finished a long book, so that has been good! x

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  2. Nice to get some mother daughter time. Very jealous of the being in the audience for the dance show. Will have to look out for that one.

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    • The show was brilliant. I don’t think it’s on TV until January! The only downside was a lot of time spent in queues.

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  3. The greatest dancer show sounds so good and right up your girls street. It must be good if they’ve got those judges. I so hope they send the Wallace and Gromits up to visit in the north, they are just so stunning!!

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    • I absolutely love the Gromits, I never get tired of finding them! Although the Manchester bees look brilliant too. My daughter absolutely loved the dance show and wanted to go again the next day! I couldn’t bear to go again because there was a lot of waiting around and Birmingham isn’t actually on the doorstep!

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  4. Hope you enjoyed the show! The view from the top of the hill is lovely – well worth the walk to wear in those boots.

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    • We loved the show! I tried to take so many photos of the view from the hill, but none of them did it justice. I’m hoping she did enough to break her boots in. I’ll find out when she gets back from Snowdon!

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  5. I have loved seeing all the Gromit trail photos. They look so much fun and hope you find the rest of them. I hope the kids and hubby enjoy the camping and you enjoy your reading xx

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    • Thanks very much. I don’t think it was their best camping trip because the weather was pretty bad. I enjoyed my reading though! I’m hoping to have one more Gromit hunting session, although I think we actually need two! x

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  6. looks like a busy park run, nice to see so many people with a healthy interest.
    A dancing tv show sounds right up your street.
    Walking boots and Snowdon sound like an active weekend.
    Brilliant colourful Cromit

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    • We get about 500 people at our parkrun most weeks. The dancing TV show was great.

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  7. always lovely to spend some 1:1 time with the kids, glad you’ve had such a lovely week. hope the weekend wasn’t too lonely for you. where are the Gromit statues?

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    • The Gromits are in Bristol, so a bit of a journey to find them. The weekend wasn’t too bad. I always stress before they go, but relax once they’ve gone.

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    • I’m going to miss the Gromits too! I really wish we could have found them all, but we couldn’t quite do it! My daughter and I were trying to persuade my husband to go to the film with us, but he wasn’t really up for it.

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  8. That show sounds good and loving that colourful gromit! Hope you manage to find the rest of them!

    Hope the camping went well

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    • The show was really good! We ended up finding 57 out of the 67 Gromits, but we’ve definitely run out of time now. The camping went well, but it was their wettest trip yet.

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