Project 365 2018 Week 31

This week was our annual family holiday to Padstow, almost certainly my favourite (and most photogenic!) week of the year.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 209 – Saturday 28th July – the start of our holiday in Padstow! We set off at 6am and did Exeter parkrun on the way down. After three years of staying at One High Street, we stayed at a new house and it is absolutely amazing! I’ll blog about that separately. This is the view from the decking. We get an even better view from the lounge window.

Padstow, Landscape, Estuary, View

Day 210 – Sunday 29th July – a very wet start to the day. My husband and I took my eldest for his first run in nine months. He found it hard, but managed four miles. Then we all went to Adrenalin Quarry and I was really nervous about going on the 490 metre zip line. But I did it!

Adrenaline Quarry, Daughter, Zip line, Cornwall, Holiday, 365

Day 211 – Monday 30th July – I don’t know why, but my husband always insists on visiting Newquay when we’re on holiday and we always have an underwhelming time and this time was no exception! This is about the only photo I took.

Daughter, Beach, Rocks, Cornwall, Newquay, Holiday, 365

Day 212 – Tuesday 31st July – the weather was hot and sunny, and my parents visited us for the day. We went the beach at Rock and my daughter wanted me to take photos of her doing various jumps.

Daughter, Beach, Holiday, Cornwall, 365

Day 213 – Wednesday 1st August – we cycled on the Camel Trail to Bodmin. This is the furthest we have cycled with kids and the furthest I have cycled since my early 20s! I took this photo of Padstow harbour in the evening.

Padstow, Cornwall, Holiday, 365

Day 214 – Thursday 2nd August – we went for a walk on the South West Coast Path, not as far as we usually go, but it was still enjoyable with some stunning views. That’s my boys messing around and frightening me – far too close to the edge and very high above the sea.

South West Coast Path, Cornwall, Padstow, Sons, 365

Day 215 – Friday 3rd August – our last day in Padstow! It was warm and sunny and we went to our favourite beach at Trevone. My husband and younger son love playing frisbee on the beach and it gets surprisingly competitive.

Frisbee, Son, Beach, Trevone, Cornwall, Padstow

Day 216 – Saturday 4th August – we set off for home at 6.30am and stopped in Cullompton, Devon for parkrun. It was the first parkrun in over a year for my eldest. Those are not family members, it’s just a picture of the (very steep) walk up to the start line. The rest of it was surprisingly a lot more downhill than uphill.

parkrun, Killerton parkrun, Devon, Cullompton, Running, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. What a gorgeous place to stay…
    Go you! On the zip wire. You are braver than I am.
    Wow! Your daughter really can jump high.
    It looks like you had a fab day x

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    • It really is a lovely place to stay. I never would have imagined myself on the zip wire, but I decided I was going to be brave! At the moment I seem to have become my daughter’s official photographer for all of her jumps! x

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  2. gosh they were both early start days but love how you fit in a Park run on your way, bit like us fitting in geocaching.
    Not sure I would fancy the zip wire either but at least once you step off you cant freeze unlike absailing.
    Love a cycle ride, find it so invigorating

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    • Yes, very early starts! It was nice to do parkrun on the way. That’s exactly why I decided to do the zip wire – I realised that once I was going there was no way to stop and I would just get to the end! I really ought to cycle more often, I enjoy it when I do it, but only really do it on holiday.

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  3. Wow, great views from your holiday house. Looks amazing – how come the beach was so empty!

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    • The views were stunning, I’m missing them now I’m back home. What appears to be the beach isn’t really the beach, it’s the middle of the sea with the tide gone out!

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  4. Oh my goodness, that jump and those splits. You can tell she’s a dancer 🙂 and a huge well done on the zip line. It looks absolutely terrifying!

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    • I’ve become her official photographer! She keeps asking me to take photos of her doing various jumps. The zip wire was very scary indeed, but I’m really glad I did it!

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  5. Good to fit in park runs on the way down and back. Well done on the zip wire. I’m with you on Newquay – I have been a number of times and would happily not go again, but Padstow is another matter entirely.

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    • Was so pleased to fit the parkruns in on the way there and back. Will definitely do that again in the future! My husband had one pleasant trip to Newquay and he always thinks he can show us that side, but we never see it!

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  6. sounds like you’ve had a lovely week and the weather has been perfect for you. Sorry i’ve not been in touch to meet up, we’ll have to do it after the holidays now as I’ve been without a car other than borrowing my mums to go local

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    • It was a really good week, thanks! I’m quite sad to be home now.
      That would be great to catch up after the holidays!

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  7. Sounds like a perfect summer holiday! I’ve never been to Padstow. The views from your house are stunning. The zip wire that high just takes your breath away. How brave of you to go on it.
    Love the photo of your daughter jumping, she is an amazing acrobat.

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    • Thank you! It was a great holiday. I’m not usually very brave, but was determined to do the zip wire. My day is awesome. I had to spend quite a bit of time on holiday photographing her doing various jumps!

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  8. I love Trevone and Padstow too. looks like an amazing base for you this year. There is no way on earth you would get me doing that zip wire – you are mad!! #365

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    • I wouldn’t normally do something like the zip wire, but I was determined this time. I don’t want to become the Mum that just stands holding the bags and doesn’t join in with anything fun. Padstow and Trevone are such beautiful places.

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  9. Those were early starts. Well done fitting in park run. I always admire how much outdoors people you all are and such great photos. Those photos of your daughter are amazing. A lovely week weather wise too x x

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    • Thanks very much! Early starts are the only way to deal with the Saturday holiday traffic and the parkruns are an extra incentive! x

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  10. Padstow sounds and looks like a lovely place for a summer holiday. The beach looks good…will have to try to plan a visit there

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    • Thanks, it is a beautiful place to visit. The town gets busy, but the beach isn’t too crowded. We absolutely love it!

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  11. I did a short zip wire at Go Ape a few weeks ago: the height didn’t bother me, it was painful where the harness rubbed my skin! Oh and the landing wasn’t great either! #project365

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