Project 365 2018 Weeks 29 & 30

The school holidays are finally well underway.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 196 – Sunday 15th July – the morning after the night before! We survived our first teenage party, but I won’t be in any hurry to do it again…

Alcohol, Bottles, Party, Teenage party, 365

Day 197 – Monday 16th July – the first day of the school holidays for my younger son means no school run for me, but he had an early appointment with the dermatologist and now has enough Roaccutane to last until the end of his course.

Roaccutane, Son, Dermatologist, Acne, 365

Day 198 – Tuesday 17th July – I think my son is quite enjoying being the only one at home and I am enjoying having him here. I could do with a bit more work, though! This is a photo of my lunch, which is from the new Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg range and was very nice. The only other photos I took were of some people attempting to break into my neighbour’s garage. Those have been passed on to the police, of course.

Lunch, Sainsburys Love Your Veg, 365

Day 199 – Wednesday 18th July – all five of us went to see my favourite band, Levellers, at Cheltenham Town Hall. It was an acoustic set, so a different experience to what we are used to, but I still loved it.

Levellers, We the Collective, Cheltenham Town Hall, 365

Day 200 – Thursday 19th July – a quiet day at home, with just a bit of work. My daughter had her last ballet lesson of the year. The only photo I took was of my book, which I will be reviewing in a few weeks. I think everyone should read it!

Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep review, Book review

Day 201 – Friday 20th July – the last day of term for my eldest and daughter. I had the busiest day of work in forever, including going into my client’s office for over four hours of non-stop proofreading. Believe me when I say, it’s really intense to proofread for that long. I took a photo of this yarn bomb seagull in Gloucester. Gloucester is famous for its seagulls, not in a good way.

Yarnbomb, Gloucester, 365

Day 202 – Saturday 21st July – I spent a long day at an athletics competition with my son. I’d hoped to share a different photo, but his long jump just didn’t work out for him today. He did brilliantly in an event he’d never done before though – the four by 300m relay! Unfortunately I also badly scraped a car in the car park while driving my husband’s car, so it really wasn’t our day.

Hydrangea, Garden, Raindrops, 365

Day 203 – Sunday 21st July – sorry, it’s flowers again! Another very hot day, when it just felt too tiring to do much at all. Although I did start the day with an eight mile run.

Dead flowers, Flowers, Garden, Heatwave, 365

Day 204 – Monday 22nd July – the start of the school holidays proper. Struggled to juggle work with the requirement to give my kids lifts, plus the heat was draining. My eldest persuaded my daughter and I to get chips from his chip shop for tea.

Chips, Chips shop, 365

Day 205 – Tuesday 23rd July – the kids and I went down to a Bristol for a full-on day of Gromit hunting. We found 33 sculptures – that’s Gromit, Wallace and Feathers – out of a total of 67. Added to the seven we found the other week, we’re well over halfway.

Wallace, Gnome Sweet Gnome, Gromit Unleashed 2, Bristol

Day 206 – Wednesday 24th July – a busy day of work for me today, and I had to give my daughter a lift. I reached 500 miles of running so far this year. This time last year, I’d only just topped 400.

Running, Miles, Mileage, 500 miles, 365

Day 207 – Thursday 25th July – another very hot day and another day of driving the kids around. I saw far too much of the inside of my car, which is not a comfortable place to be with no air conditioning and black leather seats.

Dashboard, Car, Mini, Driving, 365

Day 208 – Friday 26th July – getting hair dyed blue or pink in the summer holidays has become a bit of a tween and teen tradition in recent years and my daughter wasn’t going to be left out! I have everything crossed that it will wash out before the holidays are over.

Daughter, Hair, Hair dye, Long hair, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Would the school really object to her hair like that? Isla’s is currently purple at the tips and the school couldn’t care less 😉

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    • Anything but natural hair colour is a complete no-no at most schools. Even dyed a natural colour would be frowned on at her age, but they allow hair dyed a natural colour for older kids.

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      • Wow … but it’s *their* hair! I don’t see why the school should get to decide how it’s worn. clearly I’ve been in Canada so long that I’ve been totally assimilated, because that rule seems insanely unreasonable to me 😉

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        • You must have become Canadian! It’s pretty standard rules here not to have dyed hair (and not to have designs shaved into it!), so a lot of kids end up dyeing it for the summer.

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  2. That’s only a hint of pink really isn’t it. I’ve loved seeing all the Gromit trail photos, which we could find some too. Hope the police find the garage attackers. Sorry to hear you had a bad day with the car and your son in his long jump comp #365

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    • That wasn’t our best day, but the car has all been sorted out through insurance, so it could have been worse! We really enjoyed Gromit hunting and my daughter is determined that we will find the rest of them. Would you believe the police did find the garage attackers?! I’m amazed!

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  3. Fab photos!
    I do like the yarn bomb seagull!
    The Gromit hunting sounds like a lot of fun.
    Ahh! My youngest has wanted her hair dyed like your girl for the holidays…I am keeping my fingers crossed that she has forgotten about it. hehehe x

    Post a Reply
    • Dyeing hair for the holidays does seem to be a bit of a tradition, but it’s quite hard to find a dye that will work. My girl’s hair is dark blonde and most of it is recommended for light blonde or bleached hair. Gromit hunting was great fun and apparently we still have to go back to finish the job off! x

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  4. Wow that yarn bomb seagull is quite something. Love the hair dye – nice tradition,
    I definitely wouldn’t cope without air con in my car.

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    • The seagull is enormous and quite random! It’s no fun without air conditioning, but I’m used to it, as neither of our cars have it! (They’re supposed to, but it’s broken in both of them!)

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  5. Hope the dye washes out by then. It doesn’t look too full on so I think there’s a good chance. Loving the yarnbombing sea gull.

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    • Thanks very much. The dye says it lasts two to 10 washes, so it should be fine! Fingers crossed!

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  6. I’ve left a separate comment on your party post. Lovely that all the family were interested in seeing your favourite band and a nice family trip out. Sorry to hear about the car, hope the damage wasn’t too expensive to repair

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    • Thanks very much! It turns out the damage to our car wasn’t bad at all. The other car came off a lot worse, but it was covered by insurance. It was very nice to have the whole family there for the Levellers.

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  7. Goodness, the teen party went jolly then. 🙂 I haven’t seen Love Your Veg range, will keep an eye on it, as sometimes I’m too tired to cook. The yarn bomb is splendid, and so is the Gromit hunt, sounds like great fun.
    Well done on reaching 500 miles!

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    • Thanks very much! The Gromit hunt is amazing. We’re going to have to go back and do more! The teen party wasn’t my favourite experience ever, but it could have been a lot worse.

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  8. The teen party doesn’t seem too bad considering. The Wallace and Gromit hunt look and sounds fab, we loved doing one similar here. The yarn bomb is pretty cool. 500 miles is impressive x

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    • The party could definitely have been a lot worse, but it’s still not something I want to repeat in a hurry. We loved doing the Gromit trail and will be going back for more! x

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  9. Well done on taking the garage photos, and I see from your replies to comments they have caught them so that is fab.
    Her hair will trim if it does not wash out.
    Some of the shavings kids have up here are outragous but our schools allow it.
    Keep up the wallace and gromit hunting, over half so far is good.
    Wow at the work gone into that yarn bombing.

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    • There’s no way I will ever be trimming my daughter’s hair! She has never had a proper cut in her life. If needs be, she will just wash it repeatedly until it’s out. I’m amazed that they’ve caught the people trying to break into the the garage, so really glad I took the photos.

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  10. I love the Wallace statue, wish we lived close enough to search for them. The pensioners next door had a party last night and their garden looked the same this morning! #project365

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