Project 365 2018 Week 28

It’s been another very hot week, and a busy one too as we head towards the end of term.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 189 – Sunday 8th July – although we celebrated our wedding anniversary last week, today was our actual wedding anniversary. I was happy to just do my chores, but my husband and the kids thought we should go Gromit hunting in Bristol instead. We looked for the ones outside the city centre as we had the car with us. It was VERY hot.

Cupid, Gromit Unleashed 2, Gromit, Bristol, Gromit Unleashed 2 - my husband's first Gromit trail, 365

Day 190 – Monday 9th July – the weather is still very hot. The guinea pigs struggle with it, particularly Wilfred, even though he has short hair. The ice bottle helps cool them down.

Wilfred, Pet, Guinea pig, 365

Day 191 – Tuesday 10th July – my old friend from university came over to visit me. I don’t think I’ve seen her for about four years. It’s amazing how well we get on when we do get together, we should definitely see each other more often! Although the only photo I took today was another guinea pig picture. Does everyone match their pyjamas to their pets?

Guinea pig, Guinea pig pyjamas, 365, Cedric

Day 192 – Wednesday 11th July – I had hoped to share some sort of triumphant England photo today, but it wasn’t to be. England went out of the World Cup in the semi-finals, but didn’t they have an amazing run? I went out for lunch with my blogging friend, Karen, from Stopping at Two. I’ll be honest, the vegan burger was a bit too chewy and hard to eat. Karen’s food looked way better!

Vegan burger, Chips, Lunch, 365

Day 193 – Thursday 12th July – extra driving around this evening as I had to pick my eldest up from school after a school trip. He had his first proper driving lesson (he’s already had a few with my husband), but we didn’t see him, as he was picked up and dropped off at his place of work. My husband and I went to see my son’s school drama performance in the evening. It was so much fun, with nearly every child in years 7 to 10 taking part. The second hydrangea in the garden is starting to flower, sustained with bath water from a week ago and the last few drops of water from the kids’ and guinea pigs’ water bottles!

Hydrangea, Garden, 365

Day 194 – Friday 13th July – my younger son’s last day of term already! Although he enjoys school, he seems very happy to have finished for the year. And we finally got some rain. It actually poured for a few hours (and I got soaked, but I didn’t mind). It last rained on 16th June, but even that was only a tiny bit. I don’t remember when we last had proper rain. The rain left us with a rather dramatic sunset.

sunset, sky, rain, 365

Day 195 – Saturday 14th July – no sun for parkrun, but it was warmer than it looked. I ran slightly faster than last week, but still can’t get below the 23 minutes. Keep everything crossed for me – we’ve got a teenage party in the garden later and I’m dreading it.

parkrun, running, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I would love to do the Gromit trial as they look so cute. Best of luck for tonight and I was going to say gin might help you get through the teen party, though I know you don’t drink so have plenty of chocolate x

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    • We’re currently in the midst of the party and it’s very noisy! I’m also worried about them drinking. I won’t be in a hurry to have another party again in a hurry 🙁 x

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  2. Those Gromit’s are fab! I like the one you photographed. So pretty.
    We still have a week of school left….Ugh!
    I am hoping we get some rain soon. We really need it up here.
    I hope the party went well. Eek! x

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    • My other two kids still have a week left at school. I’m looking forward to doing more Gromit hunting in the holidays. We really needed the rain too. One downpour wasn’t enough, but it was certainly refreshing. x

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  3. Those flowers are amazing everything seems to be dying in the heat by us! #365

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    • Most things are dying here too! The grass is basically white and some of the other flowers are dying.

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  4. Happy wedding anniversary! Love your matching pyjamas. Poor Wilfred, it must be hard to be hairy in this heat. The sunset is so beautiful. Hope your teenage party went well, without any hiccups.

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    • Thanks very much! The poor guinea pigs have really been feeling the heat. The teenage party went pretty well, but I’m still in no hurry to have another one!

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  5. I love the art trails. We finally had one in Oxford around Easter which was good. Hope the party wasn’t too raucous

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    • The Bristol ones are my favourites, we’ve not done any of the others properly. The one in Worcester looks good though. The party was a bit loud and I won’t be in any hurry to have another one, but there were no disasters.

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  6. Our hydrangeas are only just blooming and they look all sorts of nice shades of purple here. England did so well to get to the semis. I’m just watching the final now and it’s nice not to watch from behind my hands. Happy anniversary to you both :)xx

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    • Thanks very much! England did brilliantly to get to the semis. I’m going to miss the World Cup!

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  7. Happy Anniversary! The hydrangea is looking good. I’m struggling to keep up with the watering in my garden. I’ve managed to kill quite a few plants by not doing it enough.

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    • Our plants are right on the edge! Probably not dead, but not far off. It’s a difficult balancing act as I don’t want to waste water after we’ve been asked to be careful with it, but I don’t want to kill the plants either.

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  8. glad you all enjoyed the football as a family and great how the kids got involved. Love the Gromit hunting, in Bath they had Owls.

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  9. The Gromit trial looks so much fun and super cute. Hope the party wasn’t too bad. I know you won’t sleep anyway. Poor wee guinea pigs in the warm weather xx

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