Project 365 2018 Weeks 22 & 23

Half-term has been and gone and it feels like we’re on the home straight to the summer. The last week hasn’t been the easiest.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 147 – Sunday 27th May – we went to meet my daughter’s best friend from panto in Cheltenham. The girls have such an amazing relationship and we hoped they could be in the same team again this year, although later in the week we sadly discovered this was not going to happen. This is the famous Neptune’s Fountain in Cheltenham.

Neptune's Fountain, Cheltenham, 365

Day 148 – Monday 28th May – bank holiday Monday and I was determined that we would go out and do something, as both my husband and I will be working all half-term. We settled on a trip to Bristol, which is not too far away and we’re always happy there.

Street art, Bristol, Graffiti, 365

Day 149 – Tuesday 29th May – I got the start of half-term all wrong. My eldest and daughter were out with friends all day and I had no work! These flowers on the wall are one of my absolute favourite things in my garden.

flowers, garden, spring, 365

Day 150 – Wednesday 30th May – we got a new guinea pig hutch! The old one basically rotted away and the pet shop agreed to a refund. I always hated the old one as it was too small, so we’ve gone large this time. The guinea pigs couldn’t believe it.

Guinea pig hutch, Guines pigs, Pets, 365

Day 151 – Thursday 31st May – feeling slightly frazzled by half-term today. Both boys needed lifts (quite short ones at least), my daughter had two friends round and I was trying to work too. I went for my last run in May – taking me up to 88 miles for the month and 360 miles for the year so far.

Running, Miles, Distance, May

Day 152 – Friday 1st June – I ordered a slogan T-shirt for Wychwood Festival tomorrow and it hasn’t arrived. So I picked this one up in town today. I’m not one for considering clothes too young for myself, but when I tried this on, it was definitely too young for me! It will have to go back.

T-shirt, Festival, 365

Day 153 – Saturday 2nd June – the Wychwood Festival! One of my favourite days of the year. We go with my parents, as well as my sister and her family and always have the best time. This year we had the added the bonus of non-stop hot sunshine. I took lots of photos, both for the blog and social media, and for myself of the kids and their cousins. You can see more on my post and on Instagram.

Wychwood Festival, Main stage, Cheltenham racecourse, 365

Day 154 – Sunday 3rd June – the downside of going out for the day yesterday is having to do all of the gardening and housework today.

Flowers, Garden, Summer, 365

Day 155 – Monday 4th June – a tough day, which started with the funeral of my old primary teacher, which my eldest and I went to. She was an amazing lady who carried on tutoring kids right until just before her death at the age of 82. She tutored my younger two to help them get into grammar school, then helped my eldest with his handwriting and essay writing for his GCSEs. She had a particularly good bond with him.

Later in the day, I was forced to tell my daughter that she wouldn’t be able to do panto this year, as the theatre has decided to work with a couple of dance schools. She was heartbroken and will remain heartbroken for the rest of the year.

Shoes, Funeral, 365

Day 156 – Tuesday 5th June – after yesterday’s massive disappointment, my daughter was excited to be going to a Hunted event at Cheltenham Science Festival. It got called off at the last minute. It really isn’t her week.

She made these halloumi and vegetable kebabs in food tech and didn’t have time to cook them, so she cooked them at home. My eldest and I were in trouble for eating them before she’d had chance to photograph them for school.

Kebabs, Vegetables, Halloumi, 365

Day 157 – Wednesday 6th June – I’m finding it difficult to get over the panto situation. It really has hit me very hard and it’s not been helped by a lack of work this week, which has left me far too much to sit around and compose imaginary emails and have imaginary conversations in my head.

A couple of months ago, I was very pleased to finally make it back into the top 100 on Tots100’s blogger rankings. I took a photo because I knew it wouldn’t last. It didn’t last. Today I jumped 20 places and am now at number 51, my second highest position ever. I made it to 32 in June 2014!

Tots 100, Blogging, Blogger, 365

Day 158 – Thursday 7th June – still very little work, still feeling very angry. I decided if the theatre could write a letter, so could I. I don’t expect a reply, but they need to know the impact their decision has had.

Letter, Theatre, Panto, 365

Day 159 – Friday 8th June – I finally started to feel a bit better and I actually had some work come in. I met up with my blogging friend, Karen, from Stopping at Two, which was a lovely break. My younger son has decided Dolmio doesn’t agree with him, so I made spaghetti bolognese from scratch. I know this is better, but it means I won’t be able to make spaghetti bolognese in the midweek any more as I don’t have time with all the stuff the kids do.

spaghetti bolognese, cooking, 365

Day 160 – Saturday 9th June – I was very pleased to get my first sub-23 minute parkrun since I was injured in the autumn. I’m looking forward to my son’s athletics competition later.

parkrun, selfie, running, 365

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  1. Oh no! I can imagine the panto situation will have a huge impact on you both, gutting. Even if you don’t get a reply, at least you’ve had the opportunity to get your feelings down on paper. Well done on the Tots, I was dreading looking at mine, but I’ve not dropped as much as I’d feared. Their scoring never makes any sense to me #365

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    • We’re gutted about the panto and it will be awful when Christmas comes round. I don’t expect to get a reply to my letter, but at least I’ve made the theatre aware of my feelings. I know a few other parents have too.
      The Tots rankings are definitely a mystery, but I will enjoy mine while it lasts!

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  2. That fountain looks amazing. Such a shame about the pantomime..don’t blame you for writing a letter. I hope they reply!

    Well done on the tots ranking! I just checked mine and at my highest ever!

    Bet the guinea pigs are loving their bigger home!

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    • Well done on reaching your highest Tots ranking ever! I don’t expect to receive a reply from the theatre, but I’m glad I’ve at least let them know how their decision affects families.

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  3. Fab photos!
    The artwork on those buildings is fantastic…
    I hope the guinea pigs are happy in their new home. That hutch is huge!
    Eesh! You have pinched my spot on the TOTs chart. lol 😛 Just kidding! Well done. This month I went down 2 places to 53. I have done so well with it though, I’ve been in the Top 100 since last August.
    Good on your for writing to the theatre. It is so unfair what they have done….

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    • It’s really unfair what the theatre has done! I haven’t heard back, I don’t expect to, but I hope I’ve at least made them think!
      Sorry to have nicked your spot on Tots100! You’ve done well to be in the top 100 for that long.

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  4. Did you ever get a reply from the theatre? So sorry for your girl about that. It’s so unfair and I can’t believe they didn’t consider all the past cast first. The kebabs look lovely and the festival looks a lot of fun!

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    • No reply! I don’t see why they couldn’t offer spaces to last year’s girls if they wanted them, then let the dance school fill the remaining places, but they wouldn’t consider it. The festival was lovely, especially with the good weather!

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  5. Bummer about the panto – hope you find somewhere else to replace that opportunity.
    Well done on the park run time. I was looking at a local list last week as I know quite a few people who run i, and the 8 year old across the road beats all of my work colleagues who run it including some triathletes

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    • It’s amazing how fast some kids can run! They basically sprint all the way round! I’ve been looking around for amateur pantos/ Christmas shows. Hopefully we will find something else, but it won’t be quite the same. She’s going to find Christmas really hard 🙁

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  6. I am still annoyed over the panto situation. It is shocking. I hope they do get back to you. Way to go on the Tots100 score, that is awesome. And well done on the running, I think you are amazing xx

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    • Thank you! You say such lovely things 🙂 I’m still annoyed about the panto too and it’s going to be tough when Christmas comes round. I don’t expect to hear back from the theatre, but at least I know I’ve said all I can on the subject.

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  7. such awful news about the pants and the way it was delivered, it really isn’t at all inclusive, i hope you do receive a reply but I fear it will be more of the same. Poor R not getting her photo of her kebabs before you ate them lol, hope the guniea pigs are happy in their new fab home and I do know what you mean about age and clothing although I tend to go the other way and pick clothes that are more suited to my mother than me and return them on that basis lol

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    • I had to laugh at you buying clothes suitable for your mother, that doesn’t really sound like you! I don’t expect to receive a reply from the theatre and I know they won’t change their minds for this year. I hope they will change them for next year, but somehow I doubt it. I think the panto is gone for good, sadly.

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  8. Congrats on the Tots rating, I got my highest this month too which was completely unexpected! I have halloumi kebabs every time we have a BBQ, sooooo tasty! #project365

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  9. What a shame about panto! Don’t know if they’re going to reply to your letter, but at least they will know what you think of them.
    The flowers in your garden are very pretty. Glad you enjoyed the festival, and sorry to hear about your teacher. She sounds like a wonderful lady who made a big impact on many lives.

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  10. Hope you get a reply from the theatre, although I suspect if you do it will be a ‘sorry but tough’ sort of response. Annoying though when your daughter has so much invested in it. Loving the wall of florers – they look great. Congratulations on the Tots.

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