My daughter and healthy eating – how are we getting on?

A few months ago, I blogged about my daughter and her healthy eating. Or her lack of healthy eating. She’d been ill and had fainted and the doctor was concerned that she was a bit thin and also that she was eating too much sugar.

My daughter is both very fussy and has a very small appetite, which is not ideal for a growing girl. The fainting was a wake-up call that we needed to find some alternative meals and snacks for her, to ensure she’s not having too much sugar, but is getting the calories she needs to get her through the day.

So far, we’ve found just one new thing she likes – wholemeal pitta bread with peanut butter! It ticks a lot of boxes and can be used for both a snack or a small meal, but it is still only one thing.

But my blog readers and the lovely people of Twitter came up with lots of suggestions of things I could make for her – like healthy muffins.

Yes, I know, MAKE! Me!

It’s a very good idea – I can ensure I’m only using good ingredients, can maybe hide a bit of fruit in there, keep the sugar content low and the calories fairly high. I was all up for the idea.

But unfortunately life doesn’t slow down and get easier just because I’ve decided I’m going to try and cook some healthier food. So I haven’t actually done it yet. In the meantime, we have been keeping a separate portion of chicken (or whatever we’re having) and cooking it without spices for her, so it’s more likely she will eat it.

But the summer holidays are coming up and I will actually have more free time without always rushing off to ballet, so this would be a good time for me to try to bake some healthy muffins and all the other fabulous ideas that were suggested. I’m not great in the kitchen (as you may have guessed) and will definitely need a recipe to work from. Having a recipe book holder to keep my recipes in place should make life a bit easier. It should even hold a tablet if I’m using an online recipe.

So this summer I really am going to try those healthy recipes, and maybe I should even freeze some so they last a bit longer.

Now just keep your fingers crossed that my daughter actually likes something new!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Good luck with the new recipes….
    It’s probably a stupid idea but have you tried to get her to help with the cooking? My girls will eat anything that they cook themselves even if it’s full of veggies that they hate. lol x

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    • Thanks very much! I haven’t tried getting her to help, that’s a really good idea. I would be amazed if she would eat something she’d cooked herself, but it’s definitely worth a try. x

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  2. Oh gosh, this must be such a worry for you. I don’t have any suggestions, thankfully my two have always eaten brilliantly and the thought of knowing they were going without being properly nourished fills me with dread. I try to remember to give them food-state multivitamins to make sure they’re at least getting nutrients even if they’re not getting enough food.

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    • Thanks very much! It is a worry, although perhaps not such a worry as it would be for someone whose kids eat well, as she has always eaten like this. I assumed she would grow out of it, as her brother did, but it hasn’t happened yet! She always has a vitamin, so at least she’s getting her vitamins, even if she isn’t getting enough protein, fibre etc. x

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  3. Ooh I should try whole meal pitta with A as she is still a nightmare too. It is so hard when you are so busy to try and find time to make things, especially when there is a real likelihood that they won’t eat it. Those muffins sound good but I doubt my daughter would eat them though sadly

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    • It sounds like your daughter and mine are cut from the same cloth! The wholemeal pitta has been really good for us. With peanut butter it’s some extra calories and protein, which my daughter needs, and it’s an excellent alternative to crisps! I’m going to make a concerted effort to make some new stuff over the summer holidays, but I’m not holding my breath that she will like it.

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