Do I have a future proof bathroom?

I know I keep talking about it, but literally every time I have a shower in my new bathroom I am just incredibly happy. My bathroom is beautiful and I waited so long for it. Seriously, if you’d spent four years with a pink bathroom from 1987 with everything broken, you would be happy too.

But the scary thing is, when that awful pink bathroom was installed, it was probably cutting edge. The very latest fashion.

Over the years it would have become a little less fashionable until, one day, it had just become horrendous.

It’s a weird thought that one day that will happen to my beautiful bathroom too. Will we even realise? Or will we be so old that we don’t know what looks nice any more? Will the people who buy our house in 20 or 30 years time be counting down the days until they rip it out to replace it with the latest trend?

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It’s interesting that, when we first moved in four and a half years ago, we painted our new upstairs bathroom a really dark charcoal grey. I’d never really been happy with that colour and we recently painted over it with the aqua colour we’ve used in our ensuite. So even in four years, fashions have changed.

Some things are pretty timeless and built to last. You can get some lovely Aqualisa Showers online. For me, a powerful and hot shower is the most important thing in a bathroom. The fact that it is surrounded by lovely tiles is an added advantage.

Apparently, according to style bible Vogue, green is coming in for interiors this year. I’m not sure if my aqua colour is green or blue really. Industrial chic is apparently dead and buried. Pastels are coming back, as is chintz. Apparently antiques and traditional brown furniture are coming back too. I’m never going to like chintz, not in my bathroom, my bedroom or my lounge. And we’ve spent years trying to paint over every last bit of brown in our house (it had dark brown skirting boards, door frames and window frames – you will still find one or two brown window frames dotted about).

So there has to be some personal taste involved here, combined with what is fashionable. It would be crazy to do a bathroom in a design that was fashionable five or 10 years ago, because it will date instantly. But if the fashion snobs are saying your new design is a year or two out of date, I don’t think normal people like me will care. We’ve been using metro tiles for years and we love them. Apparently they are now ‘gone’ in kitchen design, so no doubt they will be unfashionable in bathrooms soon too, but they look good to me!

I’m just hoping pink bathrooms don’t come back into fashion. Ever.

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Do you care about the latest trends in interiors, or do you just do what looks good to you?

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