Project 365 2018 Weeks 18 & 19

A fortnight that has seen weather from frost to 32 degrees, a trip to Manchester and a lot of running.

Here’s our two weeks in pictures…

Day 119 – Sunday 29th April – that’s my running done for April! I’ve covered 89 miles this month in preparation for the Tewkesbury half marathon, taking me up to a total of 272 miles for the year so far. And sadly I’ve concluded that my worn-out trainers aren’t going to last the two weeks and 40 more miles they need to survive until after the half marathon.

Miles, Running, Distance, 365

Day 120 – Monday 30th April – I went out for a meal with my main client in the evening. It’s nice to know I’ve got a team, even a remote one, and that my work is appreciated. The food was delicious too!

Pasta, Work, Colleagues, Dinner, 365

Day 121 – Tuesday 1st May – yes, that is frost on the grass on the 1st May. Luckily it melted quickly and it turned into by far the warmest, sunniest day we’ve had for over a week.

Frost, Garden, Spring, 365

Day 122 – Wednesday 2nd May – I went out for a 12 mile half marathon training run in horrendous rain. I was absolutely soaked to the skin – my toes even went wrinkly like I’d been sat in the bath for too long. This photo doesn’t do justice to how muddy my legs were.

Running, Training, Rain, 365, Half marathon training

Day 123 – Thursday 3rd May – I said last week that my trainers were on their last legs. I realised the other day that they might not survive the half marathon, so I had to get some new ones. These bad boys are not that comfortable yet and I hate the colour, but needs must!

Trainers, Running, New trainers, 365

Day 124 – Friday 4th May – not the most exciting photo ever, but we’ve got new radiators! We’ve got one in our bedroom and two in the hall. The upstairs still has the old, ugly radiators. As well as looking much better, the new ones should hopefully do a much better job.

Radiator, House, Home, 365

Day 125 – Saturday 5th May – I got up early and ran seven miles before parkrun in my new trainers. I changed into my old trainers and ran parkrun, plus another two miles. Then we headed up to Cheshire ready for me to go to BlogOn tomorrow and stayed over with the inlaws. I also sneaked out for a quick meet-up with my blogging friend, Tracey, from Williams World.

Bloggers, Friends, 365

Day 126 – Sunday 6th May – a busy day at BlogOn X conference at Hotel Football in Manchester. I’ll be honest, the main reason I went was to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen for far too long – here I am with Tas (Not My Year Off), Erica (92three30), Nikki (Stressy Mummy) and Joy (Pink Oddy).

Friends, Bloggers, BlogOn

Day 127 – Monday 7th May – a very hot and sunny bank holiday. Spent a lot of time cutting the grass and weeding. No wonder I was drenched in sweat, it was 32 degrees in our garden! My son was supposed to have an athletics competition and I completely forgot about it. I’ve literally never forgotten something like that before.

Garden, Flowers, Clematis, Blossom, 365

Day 128 – Tuesday 8th May – my son had the field events of his school sports day. He got a PB of 5 metres 40 for his long jump, coming second to a boy in the year above. These arrived too late for his long jump, but they’re ready for his 200 metres and relay races tomorrow.

spikes, athletics, son, running, long jump, 365

Day 129 – Wednesday 9th May – the spikes must have helped my son out as he won both his 200 metres and relay races at sports day. I finally decided to get a grip of GDPR and my privacy policy, which have been playing on my mind. These are my lovely tulips from the Co-op at BlogOnX, still going strong after getting slightly crushed in the car!

Tulips, Flowers, BlogOnX, Co-op, 365

Day 130 – Thursday 10th May – I went into my client’s office to work and spent over four hours proofreading, it’s a good job I enjoy it! This was the sunset when I went to pick my son up from his athletics club in the evening.

Sunset, Spring, 365

Day 131 – Friday 11th May – a proud day for me. We went to watch my daughter do the beautiful dance she’d choreographed herself at her ballet school’s choreography concert. In the meantime, my son was competing in long jump at the district competition against other schools. He came second, beaten by a Year 11 and has qualified to represent the district at the county competition. I took this photo in the morning as I walked the scenic way home from the supermarket.

Countryside, Trees, Walking, 365

Day 132 – Saturday 12th May – as it’s the half marathon tomorrow, I decided to volunteer at parkrun today. I was so busy scanning barcodes that I completely forgot to get a picture of myself. So this is the cap I wore in tribute to a parkrunner who died way too soon. And my husband and daughter both got a PB!

cap, hat, parkrun, 365

Project 365 is a bloghop. Hop over to see what others have been up to this week.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. good luck for tomorrow. I wish I could make a trip to Manchester work, I miss catching up with people. We need to organise something for when Suzanne is over. Love the radiator, we could do with updating everything here #365

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    • Thanks very much! It’s not that easy going to Manchester – I couldn’t manage it in a day on the train and get there for the start. We should definitely organise something for when Suzanne is next over. We’ve updated so much in our house over the last four years and I’m pleased to say there isn’t much left to do!

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  2. Well done to your boy on getting a PB and it was soooo good to finally see you after far too long. Best of luck for tomorrow. You will smash it, I’m sure x

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    • Thanks very much. It was so good to see you too! Hopefully we won’t have to wait quite so long next time! My son has been doing so well with his sport lately. x

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  3. Those were very busy two weeks for you! Good luck for tomorrow! Big well done to your daughter doing the dance she’d choreographed at her ballet school concert, and to your son was competing in long jump and winning the 2nd prize!
    It must be so nice to meet up with blogging friends. I recognise everyone. 🙂

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    • It is so good to meet up with blogging friends, I wish I could see them more often! My son is doing so well with his sport at the moment and my daughter’s dancing was beautiful.

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  4. Good luck with the half marathon, Fab photos!
    It looks like you have had a busy couple of weeks. x

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    • Thanks very much, it has been a busy couple of weeks. And the half marathon went really well, thanks! x

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    • Thanks very much, it was so good to catch up with my blogging friends again. The half marathon went really well and the trainers were no trouble, thank goodness!

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  5. Well done to everybody for their PB and to your son for doing himself proud in the school competitions.
    I am away for a nose at your new privacy policy, it is either add one to my blog or pack my blog in, am in two minds right now to be honest.
    Glad you managed to meet up with some old friends.

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    • Thanks very much! It was so good to meet up with blogging friends again. I know the privacy policy is complicated, but I adapted a proper legal one that is free to use and adapt. It was surprisingly easy to do.

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    • Thanks very much, it went brilliantly!

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  6. Oops forgetting the athletics. Glad you made it to Blogon. I’m hoping to get to the September one

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    • Thanks very much, I really enjoyed BlogOn. I don’t think I’ll make it to September as it’s usually a busy time of year for us, plus the theme is toys and they aren’t really our thing!

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  7. the weather with you has certainly been weird the past few weeks. Lovely photo of all of you at BlogOn, wish I’d lived closer to be able to join in with things like this. Well done to your son for his athletic achievements. hope your new trainers are ok and not rubbing your feet

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    • Thanks very much, would be lovely to see you at a conference one day! My son is doing really well with his athletics. Luckily the trainers were fine!

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  8. It was great to catch up Sarah and have a sneaky trip to Costa, and I really wished I had booked a ticket to Blog On. Love the radiators, they look very swish compared to the normal boring radiators x

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    • It was so good to see you! Would have been great to have you there with the gang at BlogOn. I’m very pleased with the radiators! Hopefully we’ll get the upstairs ones done too in a year or two.

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  9. What a wonderful week and maybe it was fate about your trainers! Was lovely to see you – ironic that we went all the way to Manchester to see each other. I love your new rads. And I still haven’t got around to updating my blogs for gdpr

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  10. I hope it all went well, I know you are amazing. I wish I could catch up with you for longer and more often. Love the radiator, its fab. There is so much to do isn’t there. xx

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  11. Wow that is an impressive number of miles you have clocked up! I like the colour of the new trainers 🙂 Shame I didn’t spot you at Blog On X, I couldn’t believe my tulips survived 24 hours out of water! #project365

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