Project 365 2018 Week 20

A week that started with the Tewkesbury half marathon and one where I didn’t have anywhere near enough work. Here’s hoping it picks back up soon!

I think this is my nicest set of photos for a long time. Isn’t it so much easier to take good photos at this time of year?

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 133 – Sunday 13th May – Tewkesbury half marathon day! It was hot, but I enjoyed running it and I only went a got a PB!

Tewkesbury half marathon, Medal, Half marathon, Runner, Running

Day 134 – Monday 14th May – a lovely warm and sunny day. I wasn’t too worried that I didn’t have a lot of work as my legs were aching from the half marathon. I took this photo on one of my regular afternoon walks. Look at that sky!

Day 135 – Tuesday 15th May – a bit of a milestone for me. Regular readers will have heard me talk about the children’s books I work with. Today, after nearly four years of working with them, I worked on my last one. It was my own decision to give them up when the contract came round for renewal as I was struggling to find time to fit them in. I will miss them, but I don’t think I will regret my decision.

Book, Children's book, Work, Sky Dancer, 365

Day 136 – Wednesday 16th May – my daughter has been teaching herself gymnastics over the last few months and keeps saying she ‘needs’ a trampoline. But they ruin the grass and the novelty tends to wear off, so we’ve said no. She’s compromised by buying herself a small fitness trampoline, which she seems happy with at the moment.

Daughter, Trampoline, Mini trampoline, Gymnastics, Ballet

Day 137 – Thursday 17th May – I managed my first run since the half marathon comfortably, so hopefully I’ve managed to avoid injury. Work has been extremely quiet this week. A sponsored blogpost earned me more than I need to earn today, but I haven’t earned enough this week in total. The garden is looking lovely at the moment. I reluctantly decided to use my extra spare time for some weeding.

Garden, Flowers, Blossoms, 365, Spring

Day 138 – Friday 18th May – another very quiet day of work, but at least it meant I could do the housework before the weekend! Doing housework at the weekend is something I particularly dislike, but it’s a necessary evil when I’m busy with work. I go for a walk most days before I pick my son up from school and took a photo of these buttercups.

Buttercups, Flowers, Walking, 365

Day 139 – Saturday 19th May – a busy day! My younger son set off on his final D of E Bronze expedition, my husband and I did parkrun, then he went off to watch the FA Cup Final. My daughter and I are going to watch the Royal Wedding at my mum’s house.

Rucksack, D of E, D of E Bronze expedition

Project 365 is a bloghop. Hop over to see what others have been up to this week.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. So nice to get out side for photos isn’t it. Hope the DofE goes ok, and that you enjoyed the royal wedding

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    • Thanks very much, I really enjoyed the Royal Wedding! It’s so much easier to take photos at this time of year 🙂

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  2. Is your husband at Wembley? we were there 8 years ago for Chelsea Portsmouth. i’m winding my husband up by supporting Chelsea today lol. Love the photo of R with her mini trampoline. It looks like you’ve have some lovely weather in the UK this week.

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    • We’ve had some amazing weather, thanks! Yes, he was at Wembley. He’s a big Man Utd fan. It’s a shame they lost!

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  3. Well done on the marathon and PB! Love your garden…it looks gorgeous. Sadly weeding is a necessary evil…those weeds keep popping up!

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    • Thanks very much, I was really pleased with the PB. Our garden is really lovely. I got the weeds slightly under control, but there’s still a lot of them left.

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  4. Go you with the half marathon!
    Wow! That photo of your girl on the trampoline is fantastic.
    Your garden looks beautiful x

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    • Thanks, I was very pleased with the half marathon. I just put my phone on burst to get that photo of my daughter – it works pretty well! We are very lucky with our garden. x

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  5. Hope the work picks up soon. I’ve got lots of work on my books, but I can’t start it yet for various reasons, so I’ve been working in the garden too. Must share some pictures next week.

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    • The work seems to be a bit now – a couple of clients I haven’t heard from for months have reappeared. That’s frustrating when you can’t start your work. Look forward to seeing pictures of your garden next week.

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  6. Big well done on the marathon and PB, you look tired and happy at the same time. That is a fab achievement! Great shot of your daughter jumping. I’m in two minds about the trampoline as well, though I think my sons would enjoy it very much. Your garden is beautiful.

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    • Thanks very much, I think tired and happy sums it up pretty well! We’re very lucky with our garden 🙂

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  7. totally agree this weather makes for interesting walks and brilliant photographs. A massive well done on the marathon and the PB. Is your son going to do the next level of the D of E?
    Hope your work picks up again, I very rarely make money from my blog

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  8. Way to go with the half marathon! Love the photo of your daughter on the trampoline it’s amazing. Your garden is just beautiful x

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    • Thanks very much! That photo was taken courtesy of ‘burst’ on the iPhone! The garden is looking really lovely now. I’ve even done a bit of weeding! X

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  9. How inspiring that your daughter is teaching herself gymnastics! You are absolutely right about the light this time of year being so great for photos!

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    • Thanks very much! I always thought you got a reasonable amount of paid work! I’ve been on a bit of a roll with it over the last week or two, but I know how quickly it can dry up again.

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