Don’t advertise that you’re on holiday!

As a blogger, I love sharing a photo on social media as much as the next person. Probably a bit more than the next person, to be honest. And we all know that the absolute nicest photos to share are holiday photos.


Every time I come back from holiday, I put photos on social media and say ‘I’ve just got back from Padstow/ Rome/ Copenhagen… ‘ and people respond with ‘I didn’t know you were on holiday’.

That’s because I didn’t tell them. Why would I want to advertise to my social media followers that I’m on holiday? Yet nearly everyone does it.

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Saving your holiday photos until you’re back home is just one way of keeping your home safe from burglars while you’re away.

According to London Locksmith, there’s lots more you can be doing to keep your home and possessions safe while you’re away:

  • Remove all ‘location services’ from your social media when you’re on holiday
  • Set your accounts to ‘private’ – that way only people you really know and trust will see your photos
  • If the worst does happen, you can safeguard your valuables with some more inventive hiding places – hollowed-out books, the ‘soil’ of fake plants, children’s bedrooms or carefully wrapped in the back of the fridge
  • If someone is coming round to feed the pets or water the plants, give them a key – don’t hide it under the doormat, under a plant pot or under the bin, as they are always the first places burglars will look

Insurer Axa also recommends:

  • Lights, TV and radio on timers at random time of the day
  • Angled blinds to stop people looking inside (closed curtains in the day are a dead giveaway)
  • Get a friend or family member to pop in and clear away the post, put the bins out and even move the car
  • Leave a bit of clutter out – remote control, books, toys etc – to make the house look ‘lived-in’

There are few things that can ruin a holiday more than coming home to a break-in (or getting called while you are away because of a break-in), so I might be a ‘bad blogger’ or ‘bad Instagrammer’, but I’m going to keep saving my holiday photos until I get home and I’m also going to look into getting timers for the lights and TV.

How do you keep your house and possessions safe while you’re on holiday?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. totally agree on not telling the whole world. I know a lot of insurance companies now wont pay out if you advertise it.

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    • That’s understandable. I think more people need to get that message. I’m sure about 95% of people I know/ follow post photos of their holidays while they’re still away.

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  2. Oh this is so true. I’m always really surprised about people declaring that they are away from home, or giving a countdown to being away. Let’s hope they have house sitters.

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    • Indeed! If you’ve got house sitters it’s absolutely fine, but I bet most of them don’t. My parents pop in to feed the guinea pigs, but that’s not really enough!

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  3. I completely agree, when we were in Florida, it worried me sick that I was having to post online every day, especially when we were so far away too. I only every say I’m away now if I know there is still someone at home but otherwise, like you I post after the event as I have seen so many cases where people have been broken into having posted their holidays online, it is a such a risky thing to do.

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    • Eek! I would have been very worried when I was in Florida if I was you. I haven’t actually specifically heard of people being broken into while they’re on holiday, but it has always just seemed like common sense to me. Of course most of my followers don’t know where I live, but there are some that will and I’m not willing to take the risk for the sake of a few photos!

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