The odd couple

If you ask my eldest and my daughter want they think of each other, they will tell you that they hate each other. They argue from the second they see each other in the morning. They will argue about literally everything – who touched whose stuff, who made a mess, who said something horrible, who sang too loudly… They would argue that black was white. It is very tiring.

And yet they have this strange bond.

My daughter is drawn to my son like a moth to a flame. I do wonder why, when he always has a go at her, she doesn’t just stay away from him. And I do wonder, if she is so embarrassing, why he always wants her approval.

Being at the same school has been good for them. They have this relationship where they are quite dependent on each other. While continuing to hate each other, of course.

They always walk to the bus stop together and from the bus stop together. Some days, they call into my parents’ house after school. Always together. They amuse the bus driver with their strange bond.

Being a girls’ school, they are one of only two sets of brothers and sisters at the school. And he is the only boy with a sister in Year 7.

They know each others’ friends and my son’s friends think my daughter is ‘cute’. Parading his little sister is good for the street cred, so he often takes pictures of her to send to his (female) friends.

My daughter’s friends think her brother is ‘weird’, but they are still fascinated by this alien being.

My son applied to be head boy and the sister was desperate for him to get it. He didn’t get it, so he applied for house captain instead. My daughter told all of her friends to vote for him, which probably really helped him to win. Having your brother as house captain has to be good for the street cred. Having each other at the school seems to double their popularity as their friends are fascinated by their sibling.

They might ‘hate’ each other, but they are a pair. Teachers know my daughter’s brother and my son’s sister. They are an odd couple and strangely reliant on each other. I actually wonder how my daughter will find it when her brother leaves school. He might be ‘weird’, but he makes her feel safe.

They might hate each other, but blood is thicker than water.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • Thanks very much, I think it will!

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  1. Ahhh I don’t think they hate each other at all. Some of what they do reminds me of me and my brother. We used to wind each other up something rotten. I love the way they root for each other to win things, even if it’s exhausying at times for you no doubt 🙂

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    • It really is exhausting! My brother and I used to argue and fight occasionally, but we were nothing like these two. I think being at the same school has definitely been good for them as it’s given them something in common that they don’t share with the rest of us, but it hasn’t stopped them getting on each others’ nerves!

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  2. What a sweet relationship they have. They clearly love each other really. My two are very much a pair and literally do everything together but it must be a very different dynamic with such a large age gap. I bet she’ll miss him a lot when he goes away to uni, when he comes back for the first time I bet that will be when they are suddenly openly friends.

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    • My two boys were always a pair and did everything together, but the teenage years mean they’re not as close as they used to be. I think the age gap is the challenging thing with my eldest and my daughter, but being at the same school has definitely improved things a bit. Fingers crossed for them being friends in the future! x

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  3. This is quite similar to my brother and I. We argued all the time, were both competitive and wanted to win, and he would wind me up all the time. (he’s the younger one) while he moaned I got everything (only because he used to give up every sport or music opportunity he was given). We actually get on really well, although school we didn’t come across each other (3 years difference). There were 3 families with the same surname at our secondary school, and another boy with the same surname in my tutor group and classes, so it was more defending links/none with the other boy rather than with my own brothers.

    Siblings are just strange, the way relationships between them work.

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    • Siblings are definitely strange! It’s interesting to read that you and your brother were similar. It must have been very strange to have other families with the same surname at your school too. My son complains that I spend too much time and money on my daughter’s dance lessons, but, just like your brother, he’s had the opportunities and chosen not to take them. The only thing he has stuck with is Scouting, which is is very inexpensive compared to ballet!

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  4. Ahh! This makes me think of my girls. They argue so much but at the same time have a strange bond.
    It will be interesting to see what happens in September. My youngest will be in year 7 & teen in year 11.

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    • It’s good to hear they are similar. I know there is a very similar age gap between them. I think the age gap is a big problem for my kids as my eldest just forgets what it’s like to be my daughter’s age and expects her to be more grown up than she is.
      I hope the move to secondary school goes well for your younger daughter.

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  5. I think that often they just come out with that default line of ‘I hate him/her’, but it sounds as if they are getting on better now they are in the same school. My two would never walk to school together, despite them leaving at the same time most mornings. They don’t argue though, and just tend to stay out of each others way x

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    • I wish my kids would stay out of each others’ way! They just can’t resist winding each other up and it’s constant! 🙁

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