Project 365 2018 Weeks 14 & 15

It’s been a busy fortnight, including a holiday to Copenhagen!

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 91 – Sunday 1st April – Easter Day! My brother-in-law has convinced me that I can get fit enough for a half marathon in six weeks, so I did an eight mile run and felt on top of the world. We went round to my mum’s for lunch and a little Easter egg hunt. This is my daughter helping her little cousins to find the eggs.

Easter, Easter egg hunt, Daughter, Niece, Nephew

Day 92 – Monday 2nd April – while the bathroom was being done, our already fairly untidy bedroom got a lot messier. So my husband tidied it up, while I did other boring bank holiday reorganising jobs. I had about 30 or 40 books in piles next to my bed, now I just have this small pile of books I still have to read.

Books, To be read pile, Reading, Bedroom, 365

Day 93 – Tuesday 3rd April – now the kids are older, they can go out with their friends in the holidays, which makes me feel less guilty about working. Today my daughter went out and my eldest had a friend round. Yesterday, my younger son went out. I’ve been listening to this new album from my favourite band, Levellers, a lot. Yes, it’s signed because I’m a proper fan!

Levellers, Music, CD, Accoustic, We the Collective, Signed CD, 365

Day 94 – Wednesday 4th April – worked very hard today and felt guilty for not spending any time with my daughter. We went for a walk and got drenched.

Daughter, Walking, Rain, 365

Day 95 – Thursday 5th April – my daughter went to her friend’s house today, the weather was much nicer and packing is well underway for going to Copenhagen tomorrow morning.

Packing, Suitcases, Holiday, Copenhagen, 365

Day 96 – Friday 6th April – we set off for Heathrow at 7am, ready to fly to Copenhagen! Of course we were at the airport way too early. We arrived at our amazing hotel at 5pm, then set off to find dinner and have a wander. We wandered until nearly 9pm! Copenhagen looks likes a beautiful city and we’re looking forward to seeing more of it tomorrow.

Copenhagen, Denmark, Reflection, 365

Day 97 – Saturday 7th April – we started the day as we start every Saturday, with parkrun! Parkrun in Copenhagen was a very different, but very enjoyable experience. We then spent much of the day at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen’s number one tourist attraction. I don’t like theme parks or funfairs, but this place is beautiful and well worth a visit. Yes, my kids are at the top of that!

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark, Copenhagen, 365

Day 98 – Sunday 8th April – we hired bikes and spent the day cycling around Copenhagen. It was a beautiful and warm, sunny day. We even caught the sun a little bit!

Copenhagen, River, Cycling, 365

Day 99 – Monday 9th April – we caught the train to Malmo in Sweden because it’s only half an hour away. My eldest was very keen to see the Turning Torso, which is the tallest building in Scandinavia. It is 190 metres and 54 storeys high and was well worth seeing. You might just spot a ballet dancer at the bottom of the picture.

Turning Torso, Sweden, Malmo, Holiday, Scandinavia, Daughter

Day 100 – Tuesday 10th April – time to say a sad goodbye to Copenhagen! We loved our trip and would have liked to stay a bit longer.

Aeroplane, British Airways, Copenhagen airport, Flying home, 365

Day 101 – Wednesday 11th April – back to reality and back to work. I was amazed at how much the garden had changed in the five days we’d been away – none of these flowers were out before we’d left and the leaves are really starting to come out on the hydrangeas.

Garden, Flowers, 365

Day 102 – Thursday 12th April – after an eight mile run and a busy day of work, my husband, the boys and I went to see the Wonder Stuff and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin in Bristol. It was a brilliant. Our friend is actually in Ned’s Atomic Dustbin! I can’t imagine how cool my 17 year old self would have thought that was.

Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Concert, Gig, Ned's Atomic Dustbin Wonder Stuff and not growing old

Day 103 – Friday 13th April – a busy day of work and feeling very tired as I still haven’t recovered from the holiday, plus I had an early morning and a late night yesterday. Had to do cleaning in the evening as we’ve got friends visiting tomorrow. My daughter sorted out some of her slimes.

Slime, Daughter, 365

Day 104 – Saturday 14th April – only our second parkrun with decent weather of the year. The heat took everybody by surprise after so many cold, wet weeks. I actually beat my husband for the first time in over since months. Ever since I beat him at Cheltenham half marathon, he’s beaten me at every single parkrun! (I used to beat him about four times out of five before that.)

parkrun, Running, Runner, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. How nice to experience a park run elsewhere. Copenhagen looks gorgeous. Maybe we should put Scandinavia on our list…when we get (new) passports!

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    • I would definitely recommend Scandinavia! It’s beautiful, but rather cold. I loved the Copenhagen Parkrun.

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  2. I loved your pics from Copenhagen. I’ve never considered going but all that colour and so much quirkiness makes it really appealing! I’m going to add it to the list in my head!! Good luck with the half marathon training x

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much! I definitely need to see more of Scandinavia now – it’s so calm compared to other parts of Europe. Although rather cold!

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  3. What a busy couple of weeks you’ve had…
    It’s great having older kids where they’re happy to do their own thing. My teen will keep herself busy and my youngest is getting there….hehehe
    Copenhagen looks amazing!
    I do love the ballet dancer at the bottom of the Turning Torso.
    All of your daughters tubs of slime is pretty impressive! x

    Post a Reply
    • I love that photo of my ballet dancer! Life is definitely easier when you can leave kids to their own devices, although I do still get massive mum guilt over ignoring my daughter while I’m working.

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  4. That is one hell of a lot of slime!! Does she sell it to friends? Copenhagen looks absolutely gorgeous. #366

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    • Copenhagen is beautiful! Yes, she does sell her slime so she covers her costs and makes a small amount of profit.

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  5. Copenhagen does look beautiful. Glad to see slime production is still going well. Had to smile to see 3 books I’ve read in your ‘to read’ pile.

    Post a Reply
    • Copenhagen is beautiful, well worth a visit! Books do tend to do the rounds and get read by lots of people at the same time, don’t they?

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  6. A Copenhagen park run sounds right up your street. Did you find out about it before you went?
    I don’t do anything that moves at theme parks either, I am usually the coat and bag holder, well done on then braving that height and for you letting them.
    That is a lot of slime, great colours.

    Post a Reply
    • Yes, I researched the Parkrun before we went and found it was within walking distance of our hotel! I did have to walk away when my kids were on some of the very high rides. I hate watching them!

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  7. look at you going on holiday and still doing a park run, sounds like you’re on track for a marathon. The one and only time I visited Copenhagen around 2001/2 Tivoli gardens were closed, not had the opportunity to go back since

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    • We researched the Parkrun beforehand. Once I’d found out that was on, that’s when I really started to get excited about the holiday! Apparently Tivoli Gardens is closed all winter. It had literally opened three or four days before we visited.

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  8. I need to start running again, I don’t think I could do 8miles at the moment! Haha! #365

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    • Eight mile is quite a long way to run! A couple of miles would be good 🙂

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  9. Love your Copenhagen images. The ballerina at the bottom of the tall tower is beautiful. Eek @ the height of the amusement park tower, I’d totally chicken out of it. Well done on running, even abroad. The slime manufacturing looks to be on a mass production level. 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, it was great to run in Copenhagen! It is such a beautiful place, although not quite as beautiful as my ballet dancer! I couldn’t look at some of those rides, but the kids love them!

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  10. I loved your pics from Copenhagen. I’ve never been, but it looks amazing. Good luck with the half Marathon training and I just love all the slime. My younger two would be in heaven xx

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  11. Wow I can’t believe that ride! Copenhagen looks stunning. Our house is full of books: I just don’t have enough time and it is easier to read on my phone. #project365

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