Project 365 2018 Week 16

Back to school for the kids and the sun has finally arrived!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 105 – Sunday 15th April – my son had his first football match in ages. It was a really good game – a 6-0 win against a team at the top of the league, with a hat trick and man of the match for my son. Unfortunately he got elbowed in the nose and we fear that it may be broken for a third time (the second time in less than six months).

Football boots, Football, Son, Football match, 365

Day 106 – Monday 16th April – back to normal! The kids went back to school and it is so much easier working when the house is empty. It’s actually been a long time since I’ve had the house to myself, as the bathroom man was here every day right until the kids broke up. The weather is improving and I got the washing out on the line.

washing line, washing, spring, 365

Day 107 – Tuesday 17th April – after having so many games cancelled during January, February and March due to bad weather, my son’s football matches are coming thick and fast now. He took himself to football while I was dropping my daughter off at ballet. There was obviously a lot of mud on his boots, but at least he apologised! They won 4-1, but my son came off injured after less than five minutes.

Mess, Mud, Son, Football boots, 365

Day 108 – Wednesday 18th April – the heatwave has arrived! The washing was out, the suncream was on and the flip flops were on. I ate lunch outside for the first time in six months, and even managed to do some work outside.

Garden, Sun, Heatwave, 365

Day 109 – Thursday 19th April – a beautiful hot and sunny day, apparently the hottest April day in 70 years. Often when I’m at home I literally take one photo a day, but I had lots to choose from today. Sweaty run selfie? Sunset? Guinea pig? But I decided to go with the tulips.

Tulips, Garden, Spring, Heatwave, 365

Day 110 – Friday 20th April – the day started off incredibly misty, but the sun was back out again by late morning. I took my son to the doctor about his nose, but she didn’t feel there was anything she needed to do about it, as it hasn’t changed the shape badly and his breathing hasn’t got worse since his last break. Wilfred enjoyed his broccoli.

Wilfred, Guinea pig, Pet, 365

Day 111 – Saturday 21st April – no parkrun for me today, as I had to drop my son off for his D of E practice expedition 20 miles away. Was proud of my daughter for taking part – and even more proud when she smashed her PB!

Daughter, parkrun, PB, runner, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well done to your daughter on her PB, but oh no to the nose situation. Hope it doesn’t suffer any more damage. The weather has been lovely hasn’t it #365

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    • Thanks very much. I think my poor boy’s nose is just weak and vulnerable now and is more likely to get broken 🙁 The weather has been amazing!

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  2. Well done to your daughter for her pb and your son’s hat-trick. Broken noses happen quite frequently in our house, but they’re usually my husband playing rugby, in fact he had his reset 18 years ago on 18th April, the day our son decided to make an appearance!

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    • No wonder you remember exactly when your husband had his nose fixed! You expect broken noses in rugby, but not so much in football! Unfortunately my son plays both, so no doubt he has many more broken noses to come.

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  3. Well done on your daughter’s park run result. It’s so nice to be in flip flops again isn’t it (bad for my leg – in the winter I wear compression socks to stop my left ankle swelling but it’s too hot in the summer, so always end up with big ankles)

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    • I was so pleased with my daughter’s parkrun, it’s given her a massive confidence boost.
      That’s unfortunate about your flip flops and your ankle. I have a similar situation in that I wear orthotic insoles in my trainers and boots to help prevent injury, but of course I can’t wear them in my flip flops!

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  4. Hope the nose isn’t too painful still and gets better. And well done on the Park run PB. Can you believe I might start running? A few people at work are doing it regularly!

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    • I’m amazed that you are thinking of starting running! It’s hard at first, but I’m sure you will grow to enjoy it.
      The nose is getting less painful by the day, so I’m sure it will be OK soon. I’m so proud of my daughter and her PB!

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  5. Oh no! Your poor son and his nose! Well done on the win though.
    I love having the washing on the line!
    Congrats to your daughter when she beat her PB x

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    • He’s had a really successful few games with his football over the last couple of weeks and luckily the nose is getting better. Sadly the washing is back inside again now!

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  6. That is a lot of sport in your family! Well done you guys. I hope your boys nose isn’t broken again. Here’s me thinking at least it is football and safer than rugby which my sister plays but I guess they can get injured doing anything. #365

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    • We do our love our sport! We’re not sure if the nose is broken or not. Generally it’s much more likely to happen in rugby, but my son plays both!

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  7. Well done to your son on his match, but oh no to that broken nose. Great for your daughter to beat her park run pb.

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    • She was so pleased with her PB! It’s been a very long time coming, and it’s really boosted her confidence.

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  8. well doen R on the PB. Bet it’s nice to be outdoors again, especially when the winter has been so long and you’ve had the kids at home. Hope your son doesn’t have any more facial injuries for the rest of the season

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    • Thanks very much. It’s been lovely to be outside again. Son has one more rugby training session this evening, then that’s football and rugby finished until August or September! Hoping he can’t get facial injuries doing athletics.

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  9. Well done to your daughter on her PB, that is so awesome. What a nightmare about your son’s nose. Not good at all. Glad you are getting to enjoy the sunshine lovely xxx

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    • Thanks very much, we were all so pleased with my daughter’s PB. Luckily my son’s nose seems to be doing much better now. x

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