Getting the garden ready for spring

I love my garden. LOVE it. I love looking at it and love spending time in it.

The one thing I don’t love is DOING it. A friend recently described gardening as ‘outdoor housework’ and I think she hit the nail completely on the head. Regular readers will know I really, really dislike housework.

But a necessary evil of enjoying the garden is actually putting the work in. A couple of years ago, my husband, aided by the entire family, redesigned our garden and made it much better.

But unfortunately he couldn’t stop the weeds from growing!

We recently got back from a short holiday in Copenhagen. We were away for five days and, in that time, despite the weather being bad, our garden came to life. Flowers came out. Leaves came out. The grass grew and the weeds shot up.

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The grass was cut – and it grew more in the following five days than it had done in the previous five months.

Grass, Garden, Getting the garden ready for spring

Every year, we learn a little bit more about gardens, but we still have lots to learn. We are learning at our own pace. And that pace is SLOW.

For us, tackling the weeds has to be our number one priority. It would be nice to think this could be the year when we really get on top of them. Part of the problem is that we’ve still got quite big areas of unfilled space in our flower beds, so we need a few hardy plants to fill the space – and stop the weeds from filling it instead!

Weeds, Garden, Getting the garden ready for spring

These weeds make me want to cry

One thing we need to do, that doesn’t involve a lot of hard work, is replace our garden furniture. Our current garden furniture was, no word of a lie, given to us by friends in 2005 because they were getting some new ones. We’ve sanded it down and repaired it two or three times since then, but it has definitely seen better days.

Garden chair, Garden furniture, Getting the garden ready for spring

We definitely need a commitment to cut the grass every week. With two adults and two teenage boys in the house, we can split the work so it isn’t too much hassle.

Now, here’s hoping for a lovely long, warm summer, so we can really make the most of our beautiful garden and make all the hard work worthwhile!

Garden, Flowers, Getting the garden ready for spring, Weeds

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Your garden is so lovely and mature, I always think that when I see photographs of it. There’s also colour in it which makes it even better. Agree with you on the furniture though – that’s probably seen better days lol!

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    • Thanks very much, I do love my garden and the colour is really starting to come out now. I just wish I could wave a magic wand to get rid of the weeds though!
      My husband wondered whether we could sand and repaint the furniture one more time?! No, it’s really got to go now!

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  2. I am totally with you, I hate gardening too. Every year, my husband says that we really should do something with the garden and every year I ignore him. We have a lawn and a few pots for flowers and that is enough for me.

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    • That sounds very pleasant and low maintenance! We inherited a mature garden when we moved in and I do love it, but the weeds drive me mad! We got rid of one of the flower beds, but I think we’ll keep the others, despite the weeds.

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