My son, the summer and cricket

Regular readers will know that my son never stops playing sport. In fact, in the winter in term-time, he is literally doing sport seven days a week. In addition to his three PE lessons a week, he has two rugby training sessions and a rugby match, a football training session and a football match, plus two basketball training sessions. And he loves it. He wouldn’t have it any other way and nor would we.

But then sometime in the spring the matches start to dry up and the training sessions come to an end. After Easter, it’s all over for a few months. It’s not that he has no sport at all, but he certainly has a lot less than he’s used to. He still has the three PE lessons a week and he’s in the school athletics team, with a couple of training sessions a week and a few tournaments. He’s even a member of a local athletics club, but there’s still a big gap in his sporting calendar.

One sport my son hasn’t properly embraced, but has shown an interest in is cricket. And it would be a great way of doing a bit more sport over summer. He had a bit of a shock in year 7 because he’d never played with a hard cricket ball and the boys from private schools or who had played for a team had done. They became the A team and my son, who has always been good at all sports, was in the B team just because he’d never played with a hard cricket ball.

But there was no doubting that he could bowl and bat and he’s certainly a fast runner when it comes to fielding. He certainly has the natural talent to lift himself into the A team, but he probably just needs a bit more practise, starting with his own cricket bat so he can practise at the local park. There’s a really good range at Talent Cricket. As a specialist cricket retailer, they have far more choice than other sports retailers, so he can find just the right bat and equipment for him. And lots of the bats are discounted, which is always good news.

A cricket bat might not seem the obvious choice for a Christmas present, but maybe it would be a good idea to plan ahead? With the right equipment, a bit of practise and his own natural ability and enthusiasm, my son should be able to fill the gap left by football and rugby by playing cricket.

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  1. Ooh! Thanks so much for the idea! We have literally been wracking our brains as to what to get for my daughters for Christmas, but the eldest LOVES cricket, she played for the Summer term with a local children’s club. So a cricket bat would be a great idea for her too! I hope your son grows to love it as much as his other sports.

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    • Fantastic! I love that your girl tries so many different things. I’m pretty sure my son could come to love cricket. He’s so competitive that he wants to do as much sport as possible. x

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