Project 365 2017 Weeks 22 & 23

Half-term was all about two things – revising and training for the Three Peaks. With my son still working hard for his GCSEs, we didn’t have much time for days out, although we did make it to Wychwood Festival as ever.

With the summer here at last, I’ve been enjoying taking some lovely pictures of my kids, their cousins and friends a lot more. It’s a shame I don’t share them on here.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 148 – Sunday 28th May – my husband went out for a 70 mile bike ride to train for this year’s Ride London and my eldest went for a nine mile walk with his friend training for the Three Peaks. I was left at home with one child cartwheeling in front of the TV and one sat playing Pokemon, while I was a reluctant housewife – hoovering, shopping, washing, guinea pig cleaning and weeding. This is not a weed.

Flower, Garden, Spring, 365

Day 149 – Monday 29th May – Bank holiday Monday saw us up the Malverns for Three Peaks training. It was incredibly misty and visibility was almost non-existent in parts. We made it back to the car just before the rain started.

Sons, Malverns, Walking, Climbing, Three Peaks training, 365

Day 150 – Tuesday 30th May – my daughter has wanted a paddling pool for so long, but my husband wouldn’t let her because it would ‘ruin the grass’. So she bought one (with her own money, of course) and we just about squeezed it onto the patio (although we can’t eat outside any more!).

Paddling pool, Daughter, 365

Day 151 – Wednesday 31st May – my daughter filled up her paddling pool and had her first dip and we all went for another Three Peaks training walk.

Hill, Son, Daughter, Three Peaks training, 365

Day 152 – Thursday 1st June – my daughter’s best friend came round and they had a lovely time in the paddling pool. I took a photo of a bee and realised the zoom and quality of the picture on my new phone is way better thank my old one!

Bee, Flower, Garden, 365

Day 153 – Friday 2nd June – the paddling pool continues to be a hit. Today the little cousins came round for a splash with my daughter, while my younger son was at his friend’s house and my eldest was (mainly) revising.

paddling pool, 365

Day 154 – Saturday 3rd June – we went to Wychwood Festival! We had a lovely day with my family just chilling out, watching the bands and soaking up the atmosphere.

Cartwheel, Wychwood Festival, Daughter, 365

Day 155 – Sunday 4th June – it wasn’t supposed to happen because of my son’s GCSE history at 9am tomorrow, but my eldest, daughter and I popped along to Wychwood just to see the Levellers. And we didn’t regret it!

Levellers, Wychwood Festival, 365

Day 156 – Monday 5th June – back to school. Kind of. One child had an inset day and one was home again by 11am after his history GCSE. Which he tells us went well. Fingers crossed. I decided to ‘quickly’ do some Funky Pigeon cards for my eldest and husband’s birthdays, plus Father’s Day. I bit off more than I could chew!

Computer, Funky Pigeon, Birthday, Father's Day, 365

Day 157 – Tuesday 6th June – I was getting Eric out of his hutch for a run when I noticed his breathing was rather noisy. Apparently a ‘crackly guinea pig’ is an emergency and he was at the vet’s within 15 minutes. He has various sorts of medication, so hopefully he will be better soon. The guinea pigs are costing us a fortune at the moment – a vet visit for each of them, plus a new hutch has set us back over £200 in the last two weeks.

Eric, Guinea pig, Pet, 365

Day 158 – Wednesday 7th June – we’re into week three of the GCSEs and we no longer have the use of a school bus, so I’m balancing taking all of the kids to their different schools. My eldest usually needs picking up again around 10.30 in the morning, which isn’t ideal for me focusing on my work.

Car, School run, The GCSE juggling act

Day 159 – Thursday 8th June – the general election and I placed my vote.

General election, Polling station, Voting, 365

Day 160 – Friday 9th June – we woke up to news of a hung parliament, my son had three GCSEs and Eric went back to the vet. I’m pleased to say he is on the end, although he has another check-up next week, unfortunately for my finances.

Guinea pig, Pet, 365

Day 161 – Saturday 10th June – a few weeks ago I was pleased that we were getting the whole family out for Parkrun every week. That seems to have tailed off a bit in recent weeks. Today it was just me and the kids. The weather was hot, so I was really pleased with them for giving it a go. This isn’t a carefully assembled flat lay – this is our Parkrun stuff just chucked on the kitchen floor where it shouldn’t be!

Parkrun, Trainers, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. you really do seem to get quite a lot of family fun packed into your week, glad you managed park run with the kids and hope you all enjoyed the training up the Malvern Hills. I’l love a paddling pool myself but it would just melt over here

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    • You’re right, we did fit quite a bit in! It’s easier to do without the constant dance lessons.

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  2. Certainly not a weed – very striking in fact. Nice bee and flower picture – glad the new phone is paying off.

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    • Thanks very much. I need to take more photos with the new phone!

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  3. Ouch to the guinea pig costs. Hope that’s the last of it for a while. Loving the paddling pool. N would love one like that, but the OH is the same with the grass (he moans a lot about the climbing frame – which is always like a jungle under one bit where the mower can’t get. The strimmer seems to have disappeared, plus it means tracking down a long extension cable to use it too

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    • We’re still having check-ups for the guinea pig. I haven’t even confessed those to my husband! It’s taken many years of asking/ nagging for my daughter to finally be allowed a paddling pool! Very annoying when tools go missing. That happens to us too, but we haven’t got a whole farm to lose them on!

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  4. Sounds like you have had a busy fortnight and I am so glad you managed to get to the festival and see The Levellers. Sounds like the paddling pool has been money well spent for your daughter x

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    • Thanks very much, I was so pleased we saw the Levellers too! Was a good couple of weeks, despite the revision! x

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  5. I love the fact that your daughter saved up for her own paddling pool. We haven’t had ours out yet this year, hoping for some sunshine soon so the girls can have a splash around.

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    • She’s a very good girl – she knows she has to buy things herself when she wants them! Poor kid has never had a paddling pool before. x

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  6. Great picture of the bee. Love the strolling up the hill with hands in the pockets. Poor Eric, it it a lot of money but it is also part of the family, I can sympathise, hope he continues to recover. Have to say our vet not too bad as they do not charge for continued consultations just any medication they give you.
    Fifi went through a cartwheel stage and it was done everywhere – streets, parks, out for a walk, as well as the livingroom

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    • My daughter is constantly cartwheeling! Also handstands and dancing, I love it!
      Eric seems to be OK now, but has to have one more check-up and maybe a bit more medication just to make sure!

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    • Thanks very much. We’ll be glad when he GCSEs are over, but they seem to be going well! I couldn’t believe what good value the paddling pool was. I just hope it doesn’t burst and lasts a few years!

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  7. I don’t think that’s a weed, it’s lovely. Ouch to the guinea pig costs, hope it helps. I love the bee and flower capture. Loving the paddling pool, we have a similar one. xx

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    • Thanks very much. I’m a bit shocked by how much we’ve had to spend at the vet, but will all be worth it when he’s completely better. Would hate to lose him! x

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  8. Gosh what an active couple of weeks AND with GCSEs thrown in too, they don’t seem too hideous this year either so that’s a relief… at least for the Teenager 🙂 I hope Eric is feeling better and no more vets trip are required, they are so expensive :/ I bet the Levellers were fabulous, I saw them many moons ago when we were all young 🙂

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    • My son is really taking the GCSEs in his stride, but we will still all be glad when they’re over! Eric has one more follow-up trip to the vet. I don’t even dare tell my husband he’s got to go again! The Levellers were as amazing as ever 🙂

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  9. Oo well done training for the three peaks. That is actually a sport I would do! Good luck with the rest of the GCSE’s, it must be a busy time for everyone with revision and drop offs etc #365

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    • Thanks very much! It’s a really busy time! My son has coped so well with the GCSEs, but we will all still be glad when they’re over.

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  10. love the paddling pool – the boys have one and I enjoy them getting use out of item but it is a lot of work to out up, fill up and then empty and put away! I hate faff! eeeew thats a lot of have to spend on your guinea pigs all at once! it never rains…..! I do hope Eric gets much better
    you have had a busy couple of weeks though – and well done to your husband on cycling 70 miles! you are all such a fit family aren’t you? xx

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  11. The view looks amazing from the top there. Hope training is going really well. I wouldn’t mind a paddling pool but I feel like we’d use it for about one day a year, if that, with our rainy weather up here!

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  12. Wychwood looked great again and I must get to it one year. I never realised a guinea pig could be so costly?! Hope all is well with him x

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  13. That is a gorgeous flower!

    We have that paddling pool, its pretty good. Need to get it out this weekend.

    Pets can end up costing a lot cant they?

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