Nike ladies’ trainers from Millet Sports

When I upped my running game from jogger to runner way back in the autumn of 2010, I was advised that the Mizuno Wave Inspire was the best trainer for my running style. And I’ve been wearing them ever since. I’m now on my fourth pair. I’ve signed up for the Cheltenham half marathon again in the autumn and I was at the point of wondering whether I needed to buy a new pair of trainers before then.

So I was very pleased when Millet Sports got in touch to ask if I’d like to try a pair of their Nike ladies’ running trainers. They have a huge range to choose from, ranging in price from £35 in the sale up to £115. And they might be women’s running shoes, but they’re not all pink! There’s pink if you want it, but there’s also plenty of gender-neutral colours.

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I chose the Nike Air Max Women’s Running Shoe, because the sole looked springy and supportive. They are also a nice shade of blue, which is always a bonus, although I always choose my trainers on suitability and comfort, rather than colour. They certainly felt comfortable when I put them on. They also felt very light and the mesh design should keep my feet nice and cool as I head into summer training.

The main differences with my regular brand of trainers were loops instead of holes for the laces and a ridged tongue, which didn’t seem to sit well on my foot – it felt like it needed to be a bit wider.

Nike trainers, Review, Millet Sports, Nike Ladies Trainers from Millet Sports

When my younger son saw them he said ‘Oh mum, they’re cool! Why don’t I ever get cool stuff?’. He’s the same size as me. Was I tempted to be kind and let him have them? Maybe for a second, but not really!

So had did they feel when I ran in them?

I put them through their paces on one of my regular four miles runs, followed by a Parkrun the next day. And you know I always push myself hard on a Parkrun!

The first time I wore them, they felt comfortable, but I could feel a bit of a difference for the first mile or two. It wasn’t a bad thing or a good thing, just a difference. The sole is a bit flatter than I’m used to, but after that I didn’t notice any difference at all and they just felt very comfortable.

I managed a sub-23 minute run at Parkrun in them, so that’s got to be good, right?

As I literally always wear the same trainers, a few people noticed I had different ones and said they looked cool, which they totally do! Looking cool isn’t the important thing in a pair of running trainers, but if they fit well and are comfortable and keep you free from injury as well as looking cool, that has to be a good thing!

I think the Nike Air Max from Millet Sports will serve me well for my half marathon training and the half marathon itself this autumn.

Nike Ladies Trainers from Millet Sports, Nike trainers, Millet Sports, Review, Nike trainers review

I was sent a pair of Nike Air Max Women’s Running Shoes by Millet Sports for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. They are very lovely and I’m glad you kept them for yourself. and it sounds like you broke into them in no time. Hope they serve you well for the half marathon!

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    • Thanks very much! I hope so too! We’ve got a lot of miles to run together before then!

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  2. Oh they’re nice. I always used to run in Air Max but I prefer a less supportive / springy shoe now as I’m more inclined towards the barefoot running style. You can’t go wrong with Nike, they’re always a good shoe and I’ve never had any injuries wearing them.

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    • That’s good to hear you’ve never had any problems with Nikes. They’ve been good to me so far! It sounds strange to me to opt for a less supportive shoe, but I’ve never tried the barefoot running style. x

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  3. I’m clearly not a runner or fitness fanatic lol or a wearer of trainers. But I do rely on trainers when my arthritis is causing problems. I find trainers are easier to wear and adjust to my swollen feet. These look a lovely pair and I’m looking for some new ones and will take a look at these

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    • They’re definitely worth a try! They’re extremely comfortable and I can totally understand why you would wear trainers when your arthritis is giving you trouble.

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  4. Oh they are a nice colour – and obviously doing a good job with all these new PBs

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    • Thanks very much. I do really like the colour – as well as the comfort!

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  5. These are lovely – and they sound like they are just what you needed for your Park Run. I have a new pair coming too – and they will ready and waiting for me to get back to fitness once the baby arrives x

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    • I bet you’re looking forward to getting fit again. A nice pair of trainers always helps! x

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