The Butterfly Club by Jacqueline Wilson

A few months ago, my daughter and I went to see her favourite author, Jacqueline Wilson, speak at the Cheltenham Literature Festival for a second time.

She talked mainly about her latest book, Clover Moon, set at the same time as the Hetty Feather books. She also talked about the other novels she’d published since her last appearance at the festival – Little Stars (currently the final book in the Hetty Feather series), Rent a Bridesmaid, Katy and The Butterfly Club. My daughter was already reading Little Stars and had read Katy. She decided she wanted to buy Rent a Bridesmaid and Clover Moon, but not The Butterfly Club. So I bought her that for Christmas.

We read Jacqueline Wilson’s historical books, Opal Plumstead and Clover Moon, before moving on to Rent a Bridesmaid. I’ll be honest, we both found Rent a Bridesmaid a bit poor compared to the historical novels. I guess the historical novels are written for slightly older readers and maybe she had just grown out of the other books.

I didn’t have particularly high hopes for The Butterfly Club.

But, oh my goodness, we both LOVED that book!

With a main character who is only 7, it might be aimed at slightly younger readers, but there is so much emotion packed into that story.

Tina is one of triplets, much smaller than her sisters, with a weak heart. She has always been looked after by her sisters, until they start year 3 and their teacher decides to split them up. Tina is sat on a table with the class bully, Selma. Selma is really nasty to Tina and there is one incident which still makes me tearful just thinking about it. Tina soon becomes very ill and is away from school for a long time.

On her return, her teacher has a project for her – to build a butterfly garden. Unfortunately, she has to work with the hated Selma.

This is a very moving story about Tina and how she learns to stand on her own two feet without her sisters.

My daughter and I would definitely recommend this book! Get your tissues ready…

The Butterfly Club, Jacqueline Wilson, Book review

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh this sounds lovely, I’ll make a mental note of this book for when Libby is old enough. I think she’s on the cusp of being able to read proper books and I’m really looking forward to it.

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    • It’s great when they can read proper books. I would highly recommend Jacqueline Wilson! I think this one is suitable from about 8, but there are some books for younger readers too. x

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  2. My eldest daughter adores all of her books and has almost the full collection now 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

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    • They are amazing books, aren’t they? We don’t have the full collection, but we have a lot of them! My daughter reads them at school too, so she’s read some that I don’t know about!

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  3. I really want to start reading Jacqueline Wilson with my eight year old and The Butterfly Club sounds just perfect 🙂 Thank you for the review!


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    • I think 8 is the perfect age to start reading Jacqueline Wilson and this would definitely be a good place to start! You won’t be disappointed!

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  4. Sounds like a good one for my daughter as she is just turning 6 and hasn’t read any Jacqueline Wilson books yet. #readwithme

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    • She will possibly be a bit young for this one, which is suitable from about 8. For a 6 year old I would recommend Sleepovers, Lizzie Zipmouth and The Mum Minder, which are all written for slightly younger children.

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  5. Jacqueline Wilson sounds like a great writer. It’s a fantastic ability to capture the hearts of readers and move them emotionally. #ReadWithMe

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    • She is a brilliant writer for tween girls. Her books are so moving, they affect me as much as they affect my daughter!

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  6. how exciting to get to see an author you love. I remember as a child meeting an author (Anthony Browne) and it was so inspiring x

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    • We’ve seen a few authors we love and it really is inspiring. x

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  7. This sounds great. I’m noting it as a TBR for my British Books Challenge.
    Thanks for sharing

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    • That’s great, thanks. I would recommend pretty much any of Jacqueline Wilson’s books. They are all fantastic.

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