Project 366 Week 49

Well the panto is well underway and our lives have a new normal. One which doesn’t involve my daughter going to school very often!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 339 – Sunday 4th December – we went to the Christmas tree festival at the village church, before watching my son’s football team win 6-1.

Church, Christmas trees, 365, 366

Day 340 – Monday 5th December – the day we’ve been waiting for (oh yes we have!) – my daughter’s opening panto performance. We went to see it and it was absolutely brilliant! I’m so proud of her.

Good luck card, Daughter, Panto, 365, 366

Day 341 – Tuesday 6th December – a bit of a shock to my daughter’s system – her first full day in school since last Monday.

School, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 342 – Wednesday 7th December – panto day two (performances three and four) for my daughter. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that my daughter did her hair herself. She’s doing her make-up herself this year too.

Daughter, Panto, Hair, 365, 366

Day 343 – Thursday 8th December – I have some very long books to read for work. This one was really enjoyable, but it’s been hard work!

Reading, Work, Check Mate, 365, 366

Day 344 – Friday 9th December – my daughter’s third panto performance day – and her fifth and sixth performances. And look how warm it was first thing in the morning! I know it’s wrong, but I absolutely love mild weather.

Weather, Temperature, Car, 365, 366

Day 345 – Saturday 10th December – the first outing for my Parkrun 50 Tshirt this morning and, yes, I am wearing pyjamas because it was a special pyjama day at our Parkrun!

Parkrun, Running, 50th Parkrun, 365, 366

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love her hair, I don’t think I could even do one French plait in my hair. Panto sounds fantastic! She’s going to find it weird going to school as normal eventually isn’t she?

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    • I have no idea how she manages to do her hair! I’m dreading the panto being over and having to go back to normal. It was a really hard adjustment for her last time 🙁

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  2. Your daughter is such a star….
    I can’t even do that to my girls hair, never mind doing it to myself…lol
    Fab photos x

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    • Thanks very much. I can’t do hair like that at all! x

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  3. The church looks really pretty. I love the plaits – I could never have made them so neat.

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    • The church did look really lovely. There’s no way I could have made the plaits so neat. She’s even been plaiting some of the older girls’ hair at the panto – they’ve realised she’s the best at it!

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  4. wow wow wow at her hair…….well done her that is amazing.
    We are going to the panto today and I will have a special thought for your daughter when I see the children on stage.
    It has been strangely mild here as well this week.

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    • I love the mild weather!
      I hope you had a great time at the panto. Am really touched that you would think of my daughter! 🙂

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  5. How does she do that to her own hair?! I can barely plait mine in bunches at the bottom and get them straight!

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    • I have no idea how she manages to do her own hair. I couldn’t do anything anywhere near as good as that!

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  6. You look like a teenager in your run photo!

    Glad the panto is going well, must be strange for her not going to much school, although I suppose the fun of the show makes up for it.

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    • Thanks! I never would have considered myself to look like a teenager 🙂
      She seems to have got into the swing of not going to school very easily! The show is far much more fun than school.

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  7. Glad R is enjoying the pant, hope you saved last years make up and fab she’s doing it herself. Well done on your son’s win at football.

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    • Thanks very much! She did save her make-up from last year (apart from the bits her brother nicked!).

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  8. Your daughter’s hair is amazing. Well done to her for all her hard work, it is certainly paying off. xx

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    • Thanks very much! She is having the best time 🙂 x

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  9. Wow how an earth does she do her hair so perfect. Sounds as if the Panto is going great for her, and you must be so proud of her. Love the idea of the pyjama park run day. From bed to run without getting dressed lol x

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  10. very well done to your son on his footie team winning with such a great lead! I love your daughter’s school satchel and her hair is sooooo long! And what a lovely photo of you 🙂 And we have had such mild weather too – it was 15oC one day because I remember thinking what a contrast from the week before! x

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