Project 366 Week 29

It’s finally the proper start of the summer holidays and it’s been a pretty hot week too. My photos aren’t great this week, I’ll be honest!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 199 – Sunday 17th July – after several busy weekends, we had a weekend at home, doing jobs around the house and garden, including bathing the guinea pigs. Here Eric is refusing to come out of the run to go back into his hutch when it was raining.

Guinea pig, Pet, 365, 366

Day 200 – Monday 18th July – a very hot day! This photo in no way does justice to the redness and sweat after my morning run.

Selfie, Running, 365, 366

Day 201 – Tuesday 19th July – it was hot. Very hot. Stupidly hot. The kind of heat that makes even walking round the house feel exhausting.

Heatwave, Temperature, Heat, 365, 366

Day 202 – Wednesday 20th July – Pokemon Go seems to have taken over our lives. Specifically my younger son’s life and I’m very happy as it’s keeping him active and happy over the holidays.

PokemonGo, Pokemon, Selfie

Day 203 – Thursday 21st July – my daughter finally finished school today and I managed my first eight mile run in over a year. If I can do another one without injuring myself, I’m going to enter the Cheltenham half marathon!

Running, Distance, Training, 365, 366

Day 204 – Friday 22nd July – I had high hopes for the first proper day of the school holidays. But somehow I’d forgotten that I still have to do all my usual chores – changing beds, four loads of washing, putting the recycling out, making meals, loading and unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen, doing bits of shopping etc – only with kids under my feet.

Washing, Garden, 365, 366

Day 205 – Saturday 23rd July – we were at Parkrun rather a long time this morning, as my son can’t run due to his broken toe, so he walked it instead. This is the gorgeous view as they were starting to pack away.

Parkrun, Landscape, 365, 366

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Love the flowers in the field at park run. It has been far to hot for anything let alone running.
    Yes chores can not stop for seven weeks just cos the kids are off school.

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    • It’s a shame the chores can’t stop, isn’t it? They’re so much harder with kids around! The flowers have really come out at Parkrun this week 🙂

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  2. Well done with the running, especially in this heat!
    Housework is so much harder with the kids home….I have found myself shouting at them to help. Oops.
    I love that last photo! Beautiful x

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    • Thanks very much, that last photo was definitely my favourite one this week. I think the chances of my kids helping with the housework are virtually nil! 🙁 x

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  3. Well done on all those steps, that’s quite a lot!! And wow wasn’t it got this week? Not that I’m complaining. Summer is finally here!! I won’t tell you how obsessed my husband has become with Pokemon. He won’t even let me have a go on his and laughs that I’m still on level 1!

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    • It’s so good to have a bit of summer! My son is on level 14 I think! Your husband makes me laugh, he sounds as bad as my son!

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  4. I share your pain on trying to get everything done while the children are on holiday. I am playing catch up this weekend.

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  5. wow your skin looks amazing at the moment are you still on the medication?

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  6. Well done on your running, I hope you remain injury free. And well done to your son for still walking park run with his broken toe. And aww guinea pig!

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  7. well done to your son for walking the park run with his brown toe – good effort i say.
    it has been hot this week hasn’t it – my car said 34 on tuesday too. you did well to still run in it x

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  8. Sarah you must have melted running in the heat of last week. And totally agree that on heatwave day it was so hot to do anything. I have been giving the kids chores to do for extra time on their devices. Currently it is working well, win win lol x

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