Project 366 Week 9

It seems to be pretty much all about my daughter this week, with a lot of dance on the agenda. I’ve also had camera troubles, meaning I didn’t manage to get a photo on one of the days.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 59 – Sunday 28th February – work is continuing on our garden and this week my daughter joined in by painting the door of the shed.

Daughter, Painting, Shed, Garden, 365, 366

Day 60 – Monday 29th February – the Leap Day wasn’t anything special, just the usual rushing round of school runs, dance lessons and Scouts, with some work squeezed in between. And the results for my February runs are in – I ran one more mile in February than I did in January, not bad as it was two days shorter and running over half-term was difficult. My total distance for the first two months of the year is 111 miles.

Running, Miles, Distance, 365, 366

Day 61 – Tuesday 1st March – there was some changeable weather for the first day of spring. It was much milder, but started off rainy and I got soaked on my run. Then there was bright sunshine. I took this photo out of the window as the sky turned dark and stormy.

Window, Garden, Sky, 365, 366

Day 62 – Wednesday 2nd March – after much deliberation, I decided to go to watch my daughter dancing in a dance festival with the school. I didn’t need to go. I could have saved my money and used my time more ‘wisely’, but I realised I would regret it if I didn’t. The poor picture quality means I don’t have to blur anyone out!

Daughter, Dance, Dance festival, 365, 366

Day 63 – Thursday 3rd March – World Book Day and my daughter went to school dressed as Stella from the Stella etc books by Karen McCombie. You might have been forgiven for thinking she’d gone to school dressed as herself, but she really hadn’t! She’d put a lot of thought into that outfit. Unfortunately my DSLR has totally stopped working and I don’t know why and my phone was doing that annoying thing where you delete 20 photos, but it still won’t let you take one. So I couldn’t even get a photo of her!

Stella etc, World Book Day, 365, 366

Day 64 – Friday 4th March – today was a big photo fail! I did take one photo on my phone, but accidentally deleted it when I was trying to free up space on my phone, which was refusing to let me taken any more pictures!

Day 65 – Saturday 5th March – my daughter did her Grade 2 Ballet exam this morning. Here she is getting her immaculate hair ready.

Daughter, Hair, Ballet, 365, 366


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Such a shame about your camera troubles…
    Great photos….Your daughter does her hair so well.

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  2. Oh no what a pain with camera troubles. I like how all the kids are getting involved with helping in the garden. Hope your daughters dance exam went well. My daughter has just started going to modern dance so I am wondering whether there will be exams one day. Have a great week x

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  3. Well done on the running! Love the colour of your shed door and still have walled garden envy! 🙂

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  4. What a shame about the camera! Hope it will behave this week. well done to your daughter for helping with the shed painting. She looks very graceful in the last photo.

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  5. That’s happened before with my phone, in the end I had to do a factory reset 🙁 Hope your other camera is fixable. Love the last photo and the colour of your shed door 🙂

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  6. Oh dear, sorry you’re having camera troubles, I know what a pain that can be. Your daughter certainly has been busy this week. I love that she’s found time to help out by painting the fence. You have her well trained!x

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  7. Hope you sort the camera issues out. It is a bit of a dance week isn’t it? So nice that she can spend time doing what she loves.

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  8. I am sure going to see her dance was the best thing, for her as well as you. She seems very devoted to her dancing, and that is not a bad thing.
    111 miles sounds good to me, its 111 more than I have run.

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  9. Hooe you can get your phone memory issue fixed. My OH is going through the same thing and keeps telling me how many photos he’s deleted!

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  10. Hope your camera is behaving itself now – so frustrating when it doesn’t work properly. Well done on managing to run more miles in February and hope all went well with your daughter’s ballet exam 🙂

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  11. What a pain on the camera. Always happens when you’ve photos to take.

    Hope the exam went well. Her hair does look immaculate – mine never did because it was a short bob or really short back and sides style so it was never able to be in a bun.

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  12. that’s a beautiful photo of your daughter with her hair up getting ready for her ballet ( I hope she did ok?)
    well done on the running – what a lot of miles already!
    Thats a shame about the photo being deleted – easily done though x

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  13. Oh my goodness my iphone does that too, I delete loads and it still tells me I cannot take any more. I’ve gone back to using my digital camera because of it. Your daughters hair looks great, wish I could do my own as well. Well done on all your miles running, that is really great 🙂

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  14. How annoying to have problems with you camera and phone! I think I need some tips from your daughter on how to get hair looking so neat.

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  15. hope the dance exam went well. Does she want to come and paint my shed?

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  16. Well done on the running and hope the dance exam went well, it amazes me how they can do their hair so immaculate, wish mine’s bedrooms were too! My middle daughter loves to help in the garden, she would rather be outside than in the house.

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  17. Well done for going to the dance festival, you’re right that you didn’t need to go, but she will remember that you chose to be there to watch her. Brownie points for mummy-work there! I’m very impressed with your running prowess, it is serious dedication and I can’t wait to see how far you’ve run by the end of the year.

    Thanks for linking up, and sorry for the lack of commenting recently; life is proving to be a difficult balancing act!

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  18. Another ballet exam? Wow she’s really going for it! Sounds like a super busy week for her – she’s so driven isn’t she? We’ve had some shocking weather here over the last week or so. Lots of rain too!

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    • Thanks very much, she really is driven! It was 18 months since her last ballet exam, but she had her modern exam in November.

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  19. I love how your daughter does her hair, does it take long? Over the past few weeks I’ve struggled to take photos for the blog

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    • Her hair doesn’t take long at all! She’s amazing!

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