Project 365 2015 Week 48

This week, more than ever, has been dominated by my daughter’s pantomime. After three weeks of intensive rehearsals, it finally opens tonight!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 326 – Sunday 22nd November – a very boring day in which I did nothing but take other people places or look after other people. I couldn’t even go running. I felt miserable, but I took a nice picture of a tree!

Tree, Garden, 365, Autumn

Day 327 – Monday 23rd November – the first frost of the year! I found these little leaves covered in frost in our garden.

Leaves, Frost, 365

Day 328 – Tuesday 24th November – I picked up lots of tickets for various family members for the panto.

Tickets, Panto, Pantomime, Daugther, 365

Day 329 – Wednesday 25th November – my poor guinea pigs can’t go out now it’s so cold and damp, so I let them have a run round the kitchen.

Guinea pig, Pet, 365

Day 330 – Thursday 26th November – my daughter brought this home from rehearsals last night – a list of all the make-up she needs by Friday. I don’t wear make-up myself, so we had a lot to buy!

Make-up, Panto, Daughter, 365

Day 331 – Friday 27th November – we went to see my son in his school musical. It was amazing!

Son, School musical

Day 332 – Saturday 28th November – today’s the day! My daughter’s opening night for the panto is tonight. She can’t wait to perform and we can’t wait to see her!

Good luck card, daughter, panto, 365



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oooh good luck to your daughter, can’t wait to hear how it went! I love the photo of the frosty leaves – it’s definitely been a lot more winter like this week!

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    • Thanks very much! The first night went brilliantly, we loved it 🙂

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  2. Aw wishing her lots of luck for tonight for the opening of the Panto. I think my 9 year old has more make up than me lol xx

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    • Bless her! My daughter had some mascara from previous dance shows, but that was it! x

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  3. Hope the panto goes well! Your Monday pic is very similar to mine – love a good frosty morning 🙂

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    • The panto was brilliant, thanks 🙂 I loved the frosty morning too – we only had the one!

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  4. Good luck for the panto tonight, hope it goes brilliantly!! Does that mean the guinea pigs have moved in for a while until it gets warmer out there?

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    • It went really well, thank you! 🙂 Sadly the guinea pigs haven’t moved in properly (I would like them to!), they just come in for a run.

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  5. Hope the panto opening night goes well and I am looking forward to hearing all about it. x

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    • It went really well, thanks! No doubt I’ll be telling everyone about it soon enough! x

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    • It went really well, thanks. My son really enjoyed his performance too.

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  6. Hope the panto went well. She must have been so exciting about the opening night.

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    • She was very excited! (So was I!) It went brilliantly, thanks.

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  7. A very theatrical week for you. And the weeks to come by the sound of it. I’m gearing up for all the Christmas events coming up at school. Quite looking forward to it at the moment (wait for the moans on Twitter in 3 weeks!).

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    • Yes, we have five weeks of panto, plus most of the usual school Christmas stuff too (she might have to drop one or two bits!). No doubt I’ll be moaning at some point too.

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  8. Eventful week with both your daughter and son’s performances.

    Crikey make up. I remember the shows we used to do. Our dance teacher would line everyone up and then work her way down the line doing the stage make up. Horrendous!

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    • It’s been very eventful! My son had his make-up done at school, but we had to do it for my daughter. It was hard, but preferable to a dance teacher daubing it on I’m sure!

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  9. An exciting week! Glad that both shows went well 🙂 You certainly have a busy run up to Christmas… Love the first photo and the frosty leaves x

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  10. Hope the panto is going ok. Love your daughters handwriting, its beautiful and very neat.
    What a talented family with your son in a musical as well.

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