Project 365 2015 Week 47

It’s been another week of rushing around to rehearsals and November days that are too short and too dark!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 319 – Sunday 15th November – while she’s rehearsing for the pantomime, my daughter is unable to do Parkrun, so she’s making an effort to do Junior Parkrun on a Sunday instead, even though she is less keen on it. To spur her on, I volunteered as a marshal.

Parkrun, Junior Parkrun, Parkrun volunteer, 365

Day 320 – Monday 16th November – very similar to last week’s Monday picture – what I do while my daughter is rehearsing! I read a book for work and my own book. As it was Monday and week two of rehearsals, I treated myself to a sneaky cake!

Cake, Rehearsal, Books, 365

Day 321 – Tuesday 17th November – this is one of the lights in our lounge (we have similar hideous lights throughout the house). It is both ugly and gives off really poor light. I’m fed up of always being in the dark!

Lights, House, 365

Day 322 – Wednesday 18th November – so we had some new lights! We got them in the lounge and hall and they’ve made a huge difference to the house (although a few holes to patch up yet). Hopefully we will get the upstairs lights done next year.

Lights, House, 365

Day 323 – Thursday 19th November – my daughter is very pleased with her new lace-up jazz shoes for rehearsals.

Daughter, Dance, Panto, 365, Jazz shoes

Day 324 – Friday 20th November – we had a trip to A&E after my daughter got this massive splinter in her knee at rehearsals (with apologies to my squeamish readers!).

Splinter, Daughter, A&E, Hospital, Panto

Day 325 – Saturday 21st November – it’s been over six months since I last dyed my hair, due to my skin problems. Today I took the plunge – it’s an improvement, but it’s not as good as I’d hoped!

Hair, Hair dye, Selfie, 365


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Blimey, that’s a splinter and a half! Hope her knee isn’t too sore. I like your hair, and your old light reminds me a weird kind of Halloween pumpkin

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    • Thanks very much, glad you think my hair looks OK! The knee is a lot better today, but was still hurting yesterday after it had been removed. I was very glad to say goodbye to those lights!

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  2. Some lovely photos. We’ve done nothing this week. Weather to blustery to go anywhere. Have a great weekend

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    • Thanks very much, it doesn’t feel like we’ve done much apart from driving around in the dark!

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  3. Your hair looks lovely! And ouch, a trip to A&E is never nice but it’s been a while since you’ve been. Hope her knee is ok now?

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    • Her knee is a lot better now, thanks! Thanks re my hair – it still looks a bit multi-coloured on top, but it’s a big improvement!

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  4. Eek! That splinter is huge! I hope she isn’t too sore!
    Your hair looks fab! xx

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 The splinter was very painful, but she’s OK now. x

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  5. I’d love my girl to do some running – might have to drag out her out with me occasionally! I find dyeing my hair has less of an impact as I get older – but I can’t not due it as I’d be fully grey…bad genes!

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    • The grey is definitely getting harder to cover here! I love that my daughter enjoys running – she’s missing her Parkruns at the moment.

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  6. Ouch to that splinter and knee. New dance shoes is always exciting.

    Glad the hair was a (semi) success. Reminds me I still need to do mine!

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  7. Your hair’s looking good, bet you’re pleased to have been able to dye it again! I’d be very grey if I didn’t do mine…! That splinter is huge, ouch! I can see why you wanted to change those lights… 🙂

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  8. Your skin is looking really good and I love your hair. Ouch to your daughter’s splinter. Love seeing her dancing pictures x

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  9. i love the pink wells, that splinter looks nasty, good job you had it removed before infection set in

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  10. ow at the splinter, that will have put a dampner on the rehearsals.
    I need new lights in my kitchen, put up a spot light last year but it is at one end of the kitchen and does not do much for the far end.
    Hope it stayed fry for your marshalling.

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  11. I know you had been wanting to dye your hair again. Think the hair looks good.

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