Project 365 2015 Week 46

I was pleasantly surprised at my photos last week – you don’t really expect good photos in November. But this week has seen a real return to form for the time of year! I’m not pleased with my photos at all.

But here’s our week in pictures anyway…

Day 309 – Sunday 8th November – a boring day which included sweeping the patio and taking my daughter to a party. These are the flowers my friend brought round last night.

Flowers, Friend, 365

Day 310 – Monday 9th November – at last! The day we’ve been waiting for since my daughter found out she’d got into the panto – rehearsals started! I hung out in the theatre cafe and did some work and read my book.

Theatre, Daughter, Panto, 365

Day 311 – Tuesday 10th November – my daughter has been rehearsing in her ballet shoes, but apparently she will need to wear black jazz shoes with her costume. She needs to get practising in them!

Jazz shoes, Daughter, Panto

Day 312 – Wednesday 11th November – the period from getting in from rehearsals seemed relentless – tea to make, kitchen carnage to clear up, school bags to sort and a Tesco delivery.

Tesco delivery, Cereals, Shopping, 365

Day 313 – Thursday 12th November – I still spend a lot of time reading kids’ books for work. I read some amazing ones. And then I read ones like this, which make me want to stab myself in the eyes.

Sea Quest, Books, 365

Day 314 – Friday 13th November – it’s a slightly blurry photo, but this is my daughter going to school in a Pudsey onesie for Children in Need. The brief was wear pyjamas, so I think she did well to wear a Pudsey version (even if it was a bit small!).

Daughter, Children in Need, Onesie, 365

Day 315 – Saturday 14th November – I ran Parkrun with my eldest, while my daughter went for a three hour rehearsal. She has her Grade 2 Modern exam later today!

Parkrun, Running, 365


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  1. Phew Sarah sounds another busy week for you. Good luck to your daughter for the exam this afternoon. I am guessing Sea Quest is just like Beast Quest. Oh god I remember when we had to read them every night to son, so I know the ‘stabbing your eyes out’ feeling. Love that your daughter got to go to school in a onesie just like my daughter. I was very jealous lol x

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    • Thanks very much! I think the exam went well. My son used to read Beast Quest too, but he used to read them to himself, thank goodness! I suspect Sea Quest is even worse! 🙁 x

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  2. Those flowers are so pretty. I love the colours…
    I hope the rehearsals are going well & good luck with the exam..

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    • Thanks very much. The exams are hard work, but going well! I think the exam went well too.

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  3. Love the Parkrun snap – I missed mine today as had to take the boy swimming, nipped out last night to make up for it! This time of year is hard to get photos isn’t it? Nice collection of cereals though 🙂

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    • It is hard to take photos at this time of year 🙁 Sorry to hear you missed your Parkrun, but at least you got a run!

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  4. gosh you sound very busy, rush rush, but children are needed in pantos and I am sure she is enjoying it.
    The weather has been worse this week, but I think it is about the memory of the day not the weather.
    Oh dear at the bad book, but do children’s books always appeal to the adult mind?

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    • Good point about children’s books, but there are a lot of children’s books I do appreciate! I think the mark of a good children’s book is if adults can enjoy it. My daughter is loving the panto, thanks very much.

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  5. The stabbing yourself in the eye made me chuckle. I take it there are some horrendous reads out there 🙂 hope all that juggling gets a lot easier this week!

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    • There are some very bad reads! Luckily most of the kids’ books I have to read for work are good. Fingers crossed for the coming week – I suspect it will be more of the same!

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  6. Awe, I feel your pain rushing around! Lovely flowers Sarah. Well done doing the park run in this wet weather!

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    • Thanks very much! The Parkrun is always a highlight of my week, whatever the weather!

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  7. Why do we always book a Tesco delivery on the busiest of days? I’m the same! Sounds like this pants is going to take a lot out of you. I hope your daughter is enjoying it 🙂

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    • Thanks, my daughter is loving the panto and it’s incredible what she’s learned in such a short space of time.

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  8. Another busy week for you. I am gutted our school didn’t do anything for children in need this year. Hope the exam went well

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  9. It does sound like a punishing schedule. Sounds like your daughter is really busy too with dance exams as well as panto – hope that went well. Had to laugh at the Sea Quest comment. I think H has read them all, but the last couple he read he seemed less keen on – hoping that phase is over now he’s discovered better books.

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  10. This time of year is horrible for taking photos. Especially this week as its been dreadful weather here all day too.

    Don’t know how you are managing the panti rehearsals with life.

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  11. Argh! Adam Blade! Beast Quest were the first chapter books my eldest read, and now my younger son is reading them… The panto rehearsals must be exhausting for your daughter, and you!

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  12. well done on R getting in the pant, how’s your schedule looking with the other kids, i assume you have the car back on the road now

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