Project 365 2015 Week 45

The kids went back to school after the world’s most boring half-term and it should have been a normal week, except two of them had inset days (on different days, of course!).

So here’s our week in pictures…

Day 302 – Sunday 1st November – it hardly got light all day and I was stuck at home unable to watch my son’s football match as the gears have broken on my car.

Mist, Fog, Autumn, 365

Day 303 – Monday 2nd November – the boys went back to school today, but my daughter had one more day off. It was another misty day, but the sun came out when we went to the park with my niece and nephew. This was supposed to be a photo of the autumn leaves, but then I noticed my two favourite girls had sneaked into the frame.

Autumn, Daughter, Niece, Trees, 365

Day 304 – Tuesday 3rd November – unusually for a mum, I’ve never been over-reliant on a car and even lasted seven whole months without a car of my own last year. But now I have to drive my son to school, I really need my car! It was out of action for three days and I really missed it. It was so good to get it back today.

Car, Mini, 365

Day 305 – Wednesday 4th November – a day of working at home, so here’s an autumnal picture from my garden!

Leaf, autumn, garden, 365

Day 306 – Thursday 5th November – my son had an inset day (yes, already!) and his one request was to go to Yo! Sushi. I was more than happy to oblige.

Yo Sushi, Lunch, son, 365

Day 307 – Friday 6th November – we had a few fireworks in the garden.

Fireworks, Bonfire night, 365

Day 308 – Saturday 7th November – home alone doing housework and work. It rained most of the day, but stopped briefly for me to take a photo of the garden.

Autumn, Garden

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • Thanks very much, such a relief to get my car back! Considering how bad the weather has been, I was quite surprised at how colourful my photos were!

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  1. Hooray for the return of the mini! That’s a beautiful picture with the two girls in – they definitely add to it. INSET days are a pain for all concerned – teachers and parents as mine regularly fall on days I don’t work but have to go to them!

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    • That’s very annoying about the inset days! I don’t generally mind them, but two in a week on different days was a bit much!

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  2. Glad your car is fixed, that must have been such a pain, I could do most things without mine, but it would be hard work! I really love the misty shot 🙂 And, Yo Sushi, yum!

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    • Thanks very much, it was a pain without the car! Love Yo! Sushi 🙂

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  3. Glad you have your car back now Sarah. Hope it was not too expensive for you. Mine was in the garage for a few days the other week. Had to rely on my mum to do the school run. Bet it was nice to go to Yo Sushi with your son. I love sushi but we have never visited Yo Sushi xx

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    • The car was surprisingly expensive for a small repair 🙁 My mum and dad were on standby to help out with the school run. I’m the opposite to you – I don’t like sushi, but I love Yo! Sushi and it was lovely to go with my son.

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  4. I love your car! That first photo is almost spooky looking in the mist, and the last photo is so colourful – just gorgeous.

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    • Thanks very much, I love my car too! That last photo was my favourite one – I nearly used it for my Silent Sunday, but I’d used a very similar one only a few weeks ago.

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  5. Your car is so cute….If I had a car I would want that one. lol
    Yay…You got outside. I went out & put the rubbish out that was it. It’s been a rubbish day weather wise today x

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    • Thanks, I love my car! Yes, I finally made it outside! It actually stopped raining after lunch and wasn’t too bad for a while.

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  6. Yay for getting your car back. I really miss mine as soon as I can’t drive it! I have to say it feels good to get back to a bit of routine in the week now.

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    • I bet it does! It was a real relief to get my car back. I can’t manage without it any more.

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  7. my new car is in the garage so i am without on tomorrow and am not sure how i am going to get the boys to school! so i def miss my car when it is not here – glad you have yours back (and what a cool car!). love the autumnal photos – such glorious colours. x

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    • Thank you! I love my cool car. It’s not easy being without one, is it?

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  8. Glad to hear your car is fixed now – I would be so lost without mine! I wish we could have fireworks in the garden – we have too may overhanging trees

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  9. Love that leaf shot. Glad your car was sorted out. I don’t know what I’d do if mine was out of action – would have to hire one because it’s too far to work to cycle there and back.

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  10. glad the car is back on the road, it’s funny how much we rely on it. when we’ve moved I’ve not had access to a car for several months and don’t miss it, until it is out of action. the sushi looks fab

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  11. Glad you got the car back. H loves a Yo Sushi – I wish they’d reopen in Brum. There is one in Selfridges, but it’s not a great place to eat in the middle of a shop.

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