Project 365 2015 Weeks 39 & 40

Three quarters of the way through the year already! It seems to have flown by.

I’ve noticed my pictures have settled into a bit of a pattern of scraping the barrel midweek – when you get treated to something from my garden or round the house. It’s so difficult to take interesting pictures when you’re stuck inside on your own all day!

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 260 – Sunday 20th September – Sunday morning rugby seems to have been replaced with Junior Parkrun, which is my daughter’s thing. She did her third run this week. This photo is a bit blurry, but I like it. It hasn’t been cropped and I was genuinely trying to get the whole of her in, but she ran too fast!

Running, Daughter, Parkrun, 365

Day 261 – Monday 21st September – we’ve been making the final tweaks to our bedroom following its reorganisation – we’ve got some drawers that fit the space better and my husband has painted the horrible brown door frame and window frame white.

Bedroom, House, Interiors, 365

Day 262 – Tuesday 22nd September – happy birthday to me! I officially turned 21 again. We were lucky enough to visit Dismaland – you can see all the photos of our day here.

Birthday, Pumba, 365

Day 263 – Wednesday 23rd September – our bedroom reorganisation means we’ve been able to put more pictures up. We bought ‘Loving Family’ by Mackenzie Thorpe when I was expecting my younger son. It needs more giraffes on it now, but I still love it!

Loving Family, Mackenzie Thorpe, Bedroom, 365

Day 264 – Thursday 24th September – this is my younger son’s guitar. He played in a school concert yesterday and today. It was a couple of very long days – getting to school at just after 8am and not leaving until 10pm, but he really enjoyed it.

Guitar, Son, School concert, 365

Day 265 – Friday 25th September – my usual day at home working, with a bit of housework thrown in. The weather was surprisingly nice and I’m still finding a few new flowers in the garden.

Garden, Flowers, Autumn, 365

Day 266 – Saturday 26th September – my younger son did his first art homework. Something about this suggests he’s more of a mathematician than an artist!

Art, Homework, Son, 365

Day 267 – Sunday 27th September – a flying visit to London for our first ever 50th birthday party. This was the view from our hotel window.

Wembley, London, 365

Day 268 – Monday 28th September – yes, it’s ballet shoes again. I’m buzzing after my daughter achieved something amazing at the weekend. More on the blog next week…

Ballet shoes, Dancing, 365

Day 269 – Tuesday 29th September – a very ordinary day of working at home. Weekdays make for very uninspiring pictures, but I captured these leaves changing colour while I was out walking.

Leaves, Autumn, Trees, 365

Day 270 – Wednesday 30th September – apologies, it’s more shoes! I’ve been pondering when I’ll be able to use these bad boys to run more than three miles again (more on my recovery from injury on the blog next week).

trainers, running, 365

Day 271 – Thursday 1st October – autumn should be really setting in now, but the weather is still so warm. I loved the pattern these leaves had made on the road.

Autumn, Leaves, 365

Day 272 – Friday 2nd October – another day of working at home and another little detail from around our house! We bought Shaun on the Cob last week and he fits in perfectly in our kitchen.

Shaun on the Cob, Shaun in the City, 365, Kitchen, Interiors, Home

Day 273 – Saturday 3rd October – four out of five us ran Parkrun today. It was mine and my daughter’s 10th Parkrun, which means she’s earned herself a special Tshirt!

Parkrun, Family, Running, 365

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  1. Fab photos….It looks like you’ve been busy!
    Your bedroom looks great! Congrats to your girl for her 10th Parkrun!
    I struggle to get photos during the week too….Life is so boring when the kids are at school!

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    • Thanks very much! You’re right, it’s so hard to get decent photos when kids are at school, but it’s been a good couple of weeks 🙂

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  2. Love Shaun on the cob and the family of giraffes is really sweet!
    As routine takes over again it’s hard to take interesting pics every day. Right now my phone is filled with baby snoozing or z holding baby!

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    • Thanks very much. Those sound like the perfect pictures to me 🙂

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  3. LOVE the Shaun on the Cob. I didn’t realise you can buy them too. He is ace. Love all your pictures Sarah especially the 4 of you doing the park run this morning. Well done to your daughter for doing her 10th one (and you as well) x

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    • There’s a special Shaun shop at Cribbs Causeway outside Bristol. My husband didn’t even go Shaun hunting, but he went in the shop and he had to buy a Shaun! It was great getting four of us together on Parkun, would love to get all five of us out! x

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  4. Happy belated birthday 🙂 Well done to your daughter on her tenth parkrun! I can completely relate to the middle of the week slump in photos now that all three of mine are at school too… need to work on that 🙂 Love shaun on the cob!

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    • Thanks very much! My daughter is doing so well with her Parkrun. The midweek photography slump has really done my head in over the past couple of weeks! I just feel totally uninspired!

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  5. Ooh I LOVE Shaun on the Cob! Also love the crunchy autumnal leaves. I’m going on the look out this week for autum photograph fodder! Well done to all of you for doing the Park Run 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! It was great for nearly all of us to do Parkrun together. Isn’t Shaun on the Cob ace? 🙂

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  6. Love that your girl is doing parkrun too and hope your injury is on the mend – I’ve been having similar niggles around the 5k mark 🙁 Love your bedroom doors and furniture – it all looks much clearer and clutter free than my bedroom!

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    • Thanks! Our bedroom was awful before, but it’s really nice now – just needed to move some things, chuck some things and accept that some things wouldn’t fit the space!

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    • Thanks very much! My aim is to get all five of us in the shot soon!

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  7. Your bedroom looks lovely and restful now. You must be pleased with it. I love the Shaun on the Cob figure – he’s fab.

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    • Thanks! I’m so pleased with the bedroom, it’s about a million times better and the only thing we had to buy was the new drawers. Shaun fits in so well in our kitchen, he’s brilliant 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! It was pretty busy! I love the Parkrun pic too – just need to get the final family member along next time!

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  8. Well done to you all with the almost full family run, can you persuade the other child to join in or he he your official photographer for the event? We’ve done our fair share of 50th birthdays, the next big one here is hubbies 60th

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    • Eek! 60th! The next milestone for us in my brother’s 40th, but then it will be 50ths all the way! Hoping to persuade my younger son to join us on the Parkrun at some point. The pic was taken by a friend.

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  9. Great photos. It’s hard to get one everyday I think. Well done to your youngest boy on his concert. Love the sheep and lovely plants x

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    • Thanks! The concert was lovely, but a lot of hard work for him! It is hard to get photos midweek, but I will soldier on!

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  10. well done on the 10th park run, a great achievement, and a proud parent moment. Love Shaun on the cob, really cute. There are a lot of beautiful autumnal leaves at the moment. great photographic time of year

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    • Thanks very much. Autumn definitely is a great time to take photos – I really ought to go for a walk with my DSLR rather than just snapping randomly on my phone! The 10th Parkrun was a nice milestone for us – the next milestone is 50, so we hope to hit that one in about a year.

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