What she wore: Summer dress and leggings from Next

My daughter spotted this dress and leggings combination in Next a few weeks ago and I bought it for her for a surprise. Yes, it is actually a dress and not a Tshirt and skirt.

The top half is made of soft cotton, like a Tshirt, with the skirt part in a crisp cotton. My daughter chose the green colour, which is unusual for her, but looks lovely and bright and summery. It is available in other colours, which are completely different prints – they have the stripy tops, but different patterns on the skirt.

Like all my daughter’s clothes, a key requirement of this outfit was that she would be able to run in it, dance in it and do cartwheels! And it delivers on all of those.

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I love that the colours are so summery and tropical, but it doesn’t have to be a tropical day to wear it!

My daughter finally has some summer shoes, so she’s got a choice of what to wear the outfit with. She wears it with the usual Converse (plus a bright blue cardigan from the Next sale last year) for cooler days. She bought the flip-flops herself from Joules recently. She’s been begging me for flip-flops for years, but has discovered that they look good, but she can’t walk far in them!

The Crocs are new too. They’re the same style (but a different colour) to Prince George, although she hasn’t been influenced by the heir to the throne. My kids just really like Crocs. They will never be beautiful things, but they really are incredibly practical for active kids. (Yes, they are a bit big, it means they will last her next year too, because they aren’t cheap.)

My daughter is very pleased with her summer outfit.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Looks lovely and it probably comes as no surprise that I was looking at the same outfit for my daughter. We too have been talking about crocs, I stupidly bought some jelly shoes from Next a few weeks ago but A won’t wear them as she says they are too uncomfortable, so I have suggested Crocs as you can’t go wrong with them can you? Your daughter looks gorgeous in that, it really suits her

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    • It’s funny how we often choose the same outfit for our daughters! You really can’t go wrong with Crocs (apart from when my daughter tried to wear them with a smart party dress to the school disco!) – they’re so comfortable and practical, you can do anything in them!

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  2. I love those colours, very pretty! Very summery too, and it looks lovely on her. We too got some Crocs for our little one recently and she loves them, they seem very comfortable, cute colours too 🙂 #funkykidfriday

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    • Thanks very much! Crocs are amazing! They’re not the prettiest of things, but they’re incredibly comfortable.

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