What she wore: Floral jumpsuit for summer

After a spring which has been decidedly up an down, weather-wise, it was nice to see my daughter finally wearing some proper summer clothes.

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This floral jumpsuit from M&S was a birthday present from a family friend and we love it! I think it’s perfect for summer. It will keep her cool on the hottest days, as it’s made of cotton and loose-fitting. (My daughter thinks it’s too big, as M&S clothes often are for her, but I actually think the fit is just right. Who wants tight-fitting clothes on hot days?) As you can see, it passes the all-important ‘movement’ test. If my daughter can’t run and do cartwheels in her clothes, they’re not worth having!

Best of all, the print is just so summery and colourful and just a little bit retro. I think a lot of adults would love something just like this to wear on a hot summer day. My son laughed at it and thought it was ‘weird’, but luckily my daughter didn’t take any notice of him.

Jumpsuit, M&S, Fashion, Daughter, Girls

Early in the morning, when there’s still a nip in the air, she wears it with this royal blue cardigan. It was one of my Next sale bargains and a particularly hard-wearing item in her wardrobe, which seems to go with pretty much everything. When you get that much use out of a sale item, you know it really IS a bargain!

As ever, she’s finished her outfit off with the trusty green Converse. It’s crying out for some more summery footwear (although the Converse look fab), but we haven’t quite got round to that bit yet! She’ll definitely have something in time for the summer holidays!

Jumpsuit, Fashion, Daughter, Girls, M&S

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That’s so pretty. I always have this idea that I would look good in a jumpsuit but I really wouldn’t. Girls get to wear the best clothes!

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    • Ha ha, I know what you mean! Their clothes look lovely, but sadly they’re not for us grown ups!

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