What she wore: Short dungarees

After much deliberation, my daughter finally chose herself a summer outfit (well, she chose two, but one had to go back because it didn’t suit her!).

She went for these short dungarees from M&S, which come as part of a set with the white Tshirt. My daughter loves shorts and she loves clothes that are comfortable and casual so she can move about in them. Dancing, running and cartwheels are essential at all times.

M&S describes the colour as ‘coral’, but I would call it raspberry. It’s not a colour she’s worn very often, but it really suits her. In the past, we’ve found M&S clothes to be too big for my daughter, but it doesn’t matter with these.

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As the May weather has been far from warm, she wore her short dungarees with leggings underneath. Leggings under shorts are a staple for my daughter, so why should it be any different, just because the shorts are dungarees? The leggings in question are a pair she had from Next last autumn, which came in a set with a tunic, and have been worn to death. Hopefully you won’t see the hole if you don’t look too carefully!

She finished the outfit off with a faithful navy cotton cable cardigan from the Next sale and her running trainers, also from Next. I’ll be honest, I was sceptical about the trainers and would have far preferred to see her in Converse. In my opinion, running trainers should be for running, not fashion. But she’s 9 and the same rules don’t apply to her as apply to me. And, actually, the colour of the trainers went really well with the outfit.

My daughter is really pleased with her short dungarees, and so am I.

Now what are the chances of her wearing them without leggings and cardigan this summer? Surely it’s time for some warm weather, please?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • Thanks very much! In my daughter’s opinion, everything looks good with leggings underneath! She’s usually right.

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  1. I always love your daughters choices and that colours gorgeous. Hope the weather is good this summer so she can remove the leggings xx

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