Project 365 2015 Week 22

It’s half term. It’s been a nice, relaxing week, but not exactly exciting!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 144 – Sunday 24th May – the wanderer returned from his French exchange just before midnight last night. He’d had such a brilliant time and couldn’t stop talking about it. His French family sent him home with these cakes and biscuits.

Biscuits, France, French exchange

Day 145 – Monday 25th May – after six years of wearing glasses, my younger son got contact lenses. He’s doing so well with them.

Eyes, Son, Contact lenses, 365

Day 146 – Tuesday 26th May – the first ‘proper’ day of the half-term was a pretty boring one. We walked to the local shops and I realised my boys were looking distinctly colour-coded!

boys, brothers, sons, 365

Day 147 – Wednesday 27th May – my younger two kids and I went to the Cotswold town of Broadway with my sister and her family.

Broadway, Worcestershire, Cotswolds, 365

Day 148 – Thursday 28th May – a day of running errands. My younger son, who is as much of a pedant as I am, spotted this in Waterstones and made me take a picture.

Books, Vegetarian, Waterstones, 365

Day 149 – Friday 29th May – between work and errands, the day flew by without me even realising. The only picture I took was this selfie for my I’m going to Britmums Live post for next week. Yes, I still look dreadful, but I’m trying to smile!

Selfie, Acne, 365

Day 150 – Saturday 30th May – we went to the Wychwood Festival! It was a fantastic day and the rain held off, which was a big relief.

Wychwood Festival, Festival, Cheltenham, 365

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  1. i think that is standard clothing for tweens and teens, jeans and a dark hoodie. how are you getting on with the new schedule with the medication? are you seeing any improvements yet? I know it hasn’t been long.

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    • You’re right about the standard clothing, although my boys have subtle variations – eldest wears a jumper hoodie and younger son wears a zip hoodie. Eldest wears chinos and younger son wears either jeans or joggers. My skin had got worse (again!), but is now starting to improve again, so that’s probably the medication settling down.

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  2. Nice to bring back some goodies from France. I was given similar presents when I came back from my exchange and my parents still have the cookie pot thing. I had contact lenses from when I was 14 or 15. It was quite unusual then I think and it took me ages to get used to them, but they were gas permeable lenses.

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    • The French goodies went down very well! My son moaned about everyone else eating them! My friend had contacts as a teenager and she always made a big deal out of it, I’ve got an inkling why now! I know lenses were a lot less comfortable in those days too.

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  3. Those goodies look nice, hope they were yummy!! Hope your skin is starting to feel a bit better now and the new course is making a difference. You’re still gorgeous despite it looking painful!

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    • Thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say! My skin is still taking one step forward and two back, but we’re getting there gradually! The French treats were delicious! My son was hoping nobody else would like them!

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  4. Oooh I do love French biscuits! Wychwood looks like a fab festival – roll on summer 🙂 x

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    • The biscuits were delicious! Wychwood was ace! We did well to dodge the rain!

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  5. Yum to the biscuits 🙂 Glad he had such good time. I hope you start seeing two steps forward with your skins soon. Hope the festival was fun!

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  6. I debated the festival as well, but didn’t make it in the end. Lucky with the weather.

    Love that book shelf. I’d be the same, have to take a photo. Broadway’s lovely, I’ve not been for years, but really should make an effort to go back for a wander.

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