Staying at Center Parcs: Original Executive accommodation

When we first went to Center Parcs, way back in 2003, with a toddler and a barely-visible baby bump, we stayed in one of the Comfort Lodges. It was rather basic and we didn’t much like it. It was also a long way from all the Center Parcs action – the swimming pool, Plaza and sports activities at the Jardin des Sports. (The accommodation has been improved since then and is now a lot better.)

When we returned two years later, with my parents and an extra 18 month old boy in toy, we’d upgraded to the Executive accommodation. This was SO much better. It was more modern, spacious and luxurious. Every bedroom had an en-suite and a television and, most importantly, there was a dishwasher! We pretty much always self-cater on holiday because it gives us more freedom than a hotel and is cheaper (hotels weren’t designed for families of five – grrr!), but I don’t go on holiday to do the washing up! A dishwasher is essential.

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We also fell on our feet by getting accommodation very near to the Plaza – where the Sub-Tropical Swimming Paradise is based. Since then, we’ve always paid a bit extra on booking to ensure we get accommodation close to the Plaza.

We’ve now been to Center Parcs a fair few times (I’ve lost count, but I think it’s about eight times in total) and we always stay at the ‘modern’ Executive accommodation. Except it’s now become ‘Original Executive’ because, sadly, it’s not what it once was. Somehow it’s not so modern now. A lot more accommodation has been built since we first stayed here, not to mention the refurbishment of the earliest accommodation and the Original Executive has got a bit left behind.

Center Parcs, Center Parcs accommodation, Center Parcs Original Executive, Holidays

The decor is looking both tired and gaudy. The colours are a bit bright, the carpet a bit thin. The TVs in the bedroom are chunky things which look straight out of the ark. Or 1987.


On the plus side, there are new, more modern, less gaudy curtains and, most important of all, there’s WiFi! The last time we visited, two and a half years ago, there was no WiFi and I wondered if it would still be the case. Center Parcs is about getting away from it all – relaxing, unwinding and take a break from the stresses and strains of life. But WiFi is essential for life. Many people use it to relax and unwind and, sadly, many people (my husband included!) need to check up on work while they’re on holiday. It makes for a much more relaxing holiday for us if he can do his work in the house, rather than sit on his own in a coffee shop trying to pick up a tiny bit of signal.

Maid service

The Original Executive accommodation has a lot to offer – it’s in a really good location and is comfortable and spacious. It’s great to have ensuites in every room, especially if you’re sharing a house with another family (which we don’t do, there’s enough of us to fill a house!). Included in the price is a maid service, similar to housekeeping at a hotel, so they pop in and quickly spruce the place up. The accommodation also includes towels, which is another real positive. If you go on self-catering holidays, you really don’t want to be filling an entire suitcase and taking up a lot of space in the car taking towels for the whole family.

I would recommend the Executive accommodation, but I do hope to see it modernised a little bit before we next visit.

Center Parcs, Center Parcs Original Executive, Center Parcs holidays,

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Have to say we stayed in one of the woodland lodges and it was really bright and modern, much nicer than your pics look! Of course it had no ensuites etc tho! I quite fancy one of the tree houses- just need to win the lottery first!

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    • Oh yes! I would love a lottery win so I could stay in a Treehouse. They look incredible! The ensuites are great at the Executive accommodation, as is the proximity to the Plaza, but I think I will look around at the alternatives before booking them again.

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  2. We have stayed in a similar lodge in Whinfell (without all of the en-suites) and I do agree with you that the older style lodges are now looking tired. The last few times we have stayed in the newer lodges which are lovely and I must admit I would not go back to the older style ones now.

    Totally agree with Sonya about the tree houses. They look amazing but eye watering prices !!! xx

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    • I would LOVE to go to the Treehouses, but there’s no way we could spend that sort of money without a lottery win!
      I’m definitely going to look at the other options for accommodation next time we go to see if we can find something more modern.

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  3. I love Center Parcs Sarah but would much rather stay in the new executive or woodland lodges, they are much more modern xx

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    • Thanks. I think I’m going to look at the alternatives next time we go – unless they’ve refurbished these – the proximity to the Plaza is really good.

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  4. We’ve only been once and stayed in a lodge that was amazing and really modern. I think this one would put me off going. It’s rather early 90s looking isn’t it? We keep considering going again but then always end up thinking it’s cheaper to go abroad!

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    • It’s very early 90s! There’s a lot of positives about them, but I do hope they’ve refurbished them by the time we go again. I think it often is cheaper to go abroad, especially if you’re paying school holiday prices!

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  5. I’ve never been to Center Parcs, and having done Bluestone I’m not sure I ever will do Centre Parcs now. The accommodation is just perfect at Bluestone and they have all the same amenities in terms of swimming pool and other activities. We’d definitely go back there. That said, I think center parcs accept dogs in some of their accomodation don’t they? That would probably make me more inclined to go there.x

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    • I’ve seen people’s Bluestone posts and I must say it looks very good there. I’ve never looked at the prices, but I’m guessing it may be cheaper! We’re big Center Parcs fans, though, so I doubt we’d switch. I think you’re right about the dogs, I certainly noticed a few around this time, which I don’t remember seeing before. x

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  6. Wow I think the 1970s want their decor back! That really surprises me as it is so expensive. We stayed in the budget accommodation and although it was further away it was quite modern.

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