Football: Coach’s Player of the Season

My younger son is a good footballer. Not an amazing footballer. He won’t be playing for Man Utd (or Cheltenham Town) any day son, but he’s a good footballer.

He’s strong and fast and reads the game well. This season, he’s come out of defence (where he was good, but never really wanted to be) and has become a striker. He’s scored 20 goals this season, making him his team’s equal top scorer and the fourth equal top scorer in the league.

He’s been playing football since he was 7, always for the same team. Very soon after he joined, my husband took over as manager and coach of my son’s age group, and has been coaching them and running the team ever since.

Players have come and gone. They’ve had good seasons and they’ve had bad seasons. The current season was so much better than the previous one. They finished sixth out of 10 in the league. They could so easily have finished third, but sixth is good. It’s not bottom of the league and many points adrift, as they have been in the past.

Every year, trophies are awarded – for players’ player of the season, most improved player and coach’s player of the season.

When you’re the coach’s son, there’s an unwritten rule that says you don’t win a trophy. Because that would be favouritism.

But they’re at under 11s now, they’ve had trophies since under 8s. My son is one of very few players that has been around that long. Oh, and did I mention that he’s good?

There comes a point when you have to ask – why can’t the coach’s son win the trophy? Why, if he turns up every week and plays his socks off, if he’s moved to a new position, if he’s top scorer in the team, why can’t he win the trophy? And you look at that and you think – is it unfair for the coach’s son to win the trophy, or is it unfair for him NOT to win it?

So there lay my husband’s dilemma. He genuinely felt my son deserved the coach’s player of the season trophy, for so many reasons. But he still felt uncomfortable saying it out loud. He wanted someone else to say it. He has three assistant coaches. One of them nominated my son. So that made it two people supporting him. That was enough for him. He was going to choose his own son. And rightly so.

At the presentation, my husband talked about what a good season the team had had – scoring 76 goals, winning 12-o, winning 8-7, 10 kids getting their names on the score sheet… Then he handed over to the assistant coach to announce the winners.

Coach’s player of the year – my son.

It might have taken over four years, but finally he’d got the recognition he’d deserved for a long time.

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  1. What a dilemma! But as you say, he deserved it so he had every right to win. It’s not fair that just because he’s the coach’s son, he doesn’t get the same chance as everyone else. Great trophy too! x

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    • Thanks very much! I think that, as the coach’s son, you’re never going to be the first to win the trophy, but a time should definitely come when they coach’s son should win it if he deserves it! And he so deserved it! x

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  2. I think if your husband hadn’t been coaching long, or if your son hadn’t been on the team very long, it’d be a different story. But I think he absolutely did the right thing and the other players should respect him for how well he’s performed in his new position. Well done to him! #LoudnProud

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    • Thanks very much! You’re absolutely right, he shouldn’t and couldn’t have won it after a short time as that wouldn’t have been fair, but he totally earned it this season!

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  3. Hooray! So glad he got it Sarah. It sounds like he has worked harder than any of them for the honour. He must be chuffed to bits. x

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    • Thanks very much! He was very pleased. I think he was pretty surprised too as he felt he couldn’t win it. x

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  4. Good for him. So hard, but if he’s done the best work, then I don’t see why coach’s kids shouldn’t get the awards.

    It drives me insane when people who’re generally good at something get looked over for those who have made a one off good attempt…our school’s geography 6th form prize went to my friend who got a B or C in her A level. Mine was the only A grade, and I was top of the class throughout the 2 years – can you tell I’m still bitter!?

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    • Thanks very much! It wouldn’t have been right for him to get it in the first year or two, but he’s done really well this year and after over four years I think it’s OK now!
      Totally with you on that underdog thing! There have been times recently when my kids have been overlooked in favour of less talented kids. I get about being fair, but how fair is it if you’re the best and you get ignored? It’s ‘fair’ on the other kids, but not fair on the kids who deserved to win! Hoping I don’t need to revisit this issue at the end of year 6 prize-giving in a couple of months!

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  5. Oh bless him, I bet he is very proud of that trophy. That is a tough call when you are the coach and dad but I suppose you still have to treat them the same as everyone else in the good and the bad.

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    • He’s very proud! In my experience, the coach’s son has it harder – he will get disciplined for things others wouldn’t get disciplined for and rarely gets man of the match, even when he deserves it.

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  6. Tricky one isn’t it? But, it’s only fair that the coach’s son shouldn’t be overlooked every year.

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  7. I am so glad that your son got the trophy! It sounds like he really does deserve it. I can see how it would be tricky being a coaches son, but even a coaches son should be treated as equal as all the other players.

    Laura x x x

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  8. What a position for your husband to be in but I think your son deserved it. It sounds like he has made a massive improvement over the years, it’s only fair.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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