Taking Boxing Day back

Traditionally, Boxing Day was always spent at my mum’s – leftover turkey and a walk, followed by some games. The games were often quizzes, my family love a quiz at Christmas. My husband hates a quiz at Christmas. Or at any time.

After Boxing Day, we would head up to my in-laws’ in Cheshire. Having already spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family, that was adding up to a lot of time with extended family and not much time with immediate family. The arrival of my niece on 27th December, meant that was an extra day spent with my family, plus a later trip up north to the in-laws.

So we took Boxing Day back. For ourselves.

Christmas is a long break and supposed to be spent with family, but the time flies when you’re rushing around seeing extended family, and you realise you haven’t spent any time with the people closest to you. In reality, with my husband working such long hours and my kids always working hard on their various sports, we spend very little time together. There’s only really holidays.

We wanted to have a special day.

My husband always likes to think big. He came up with the idea of going to London. I didn’t really want to travel as we would be travelling again a couple of days later. My younger son was still struggling to get over his virus and struggling to eat. He didn’t need to travel. My husband suggested we could get up at 6 and go and we would be in London by 8.

At 9.30 on Boxing Day, they all got up. There was to be no rushing to London. We just needed a rest and to do something low-key.

Generally, I can’t stand bowling – it’s so damn noisy, but a new bowling alley has opened up in town, which is much smaller and quieter, with nicer decor. We’ve got quite into bowling lately. So we started the day with bowling. It was lovely and quiet. The only downside was my daughter moaning because she was losing. She’s not keen on losing and doesn’t see why she would lose to her big brothers. I’m not sure my husband was keen on losing to them either! We had our lunch at the bowling alley, which was slightly disappointing, if I’m honest. Then we went to the cinema to see Annie. My boys hated it, but my daughter thought it was the best film she’d ever seen – not surprising as you can’t beat little girls singing and dancing in her world.

We would have gone out for our tea too, but we were too stuffed. So we went home and watched TV together. We don’t generally even watch TV together.

It was a relaxing day and a good chance to recharge our batteries in the midst of all the Christmas rush. Our family day on Boxing Day is our new Christmas tradition.

Bowling, Son, Boxing Day

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I admire your approach and one day this family will also reclaim Boxing Day. We have, a couple of times over recent years, spent Christmas just with the kids. This is either because the weather conditions were too severe to travel or we had a new born to contend with. We are, however, the only people in the extended family with young kids and relatives want to see them. With family 400 miles in one direction and 100 miles in the other, we never quite know where we’re going to be on a particular day! Bowling and a film sounds very appealing indeed.

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    • Thanks very much. Those sound like very long journeys and not ones I would be keen to take with small children! It’s understandable the family would want to see them, though! I’m lucky that my family are all round the corner. It’s about 120 miles to the in-laws’ and even that journey can take forever on a bad day.
      Good luck with getting some time to yourselves in future!

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  2. We also reclaimed Boxing Day this year.

    We spent the 23rd, much of Christmas Eve and the majority of Christmas Day with my extended family; at one point on Christmas Day there were 24 of us. As you can imagine, on Boxing Day I was rather drained and sore. We were meant to spend it with my family again but we really needed time just for the 3 of us so we had a PJ day at home, playing with Harry’s new toys and we loved it. Actually, it was one of my favourite things about Christmas. He didn’t get any time to play with them on Christmas Day with so many of us as we didn’t want to lose things. We did consider bowling but we only have the big Hollywood Bowl which is just too big and noisy for my liking!

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    • That sounds lovely. Everyone needs to take a break and wind down a bit over Christmas or it just gets exhausting. 24 of you together must have been overwhelming! There was only 11 of us at most, and seven of us for most of Christmas day.
      Our new bowling alley is Hollywood Bowl too, but it’s lovely and small and quiet 🙂

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    • It certainly is! We let our kids go on the skiing machines as it was a special day. We don’t normally let them do anything like that as it’s such a waste of money! x

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  3. i reclaimed the whole of Christmas for just us three. Best Christmas I’ve ever had and I full intend there just being us from now on.

    Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year To you all

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    • That sounds like a fantastic idea! It must have been really relaxing.
      Thanks very much, happy new year to you too!

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