Project 365: Week 49

Day 334 – Sunday 30th November – I’m injured at the moment, so I’m not running. I’m walking instead, which means I take more notice of my surroundings and take photos.

Trees, autumn, mist, 365

Day 335 – Monday 1st December – what else could I show, but an advent calendar? This is my younger son’s calendar. I like the fact that he’s opted for one without chocolate, unlike his brother and sister. (I thought it would be a better photo without the flash, unfortunately it’s slightly blurred.)

Advent calendar, Christmas, 365

Day 336 – Tuesday 2nd December – I showed a picture of it last week, but it wasn’t my car then, it was just a car that I hoped would become mine. Now this really is my car and we’re a two car family again!

Mini, car, new car, 365

Day 337 – Wednesday 3rd December – I don’t usually like sharing review photos on here, but I realised I hadn’t taken any other photos today! This is my son making marker pens.

Marker pens, Review, Son, Crayola, 365

Day 338 – Thursday 4th December – on my walk home from dropping the kids off, I took this photo of our local church, all ready for its Christmas tree festival.

Church, Christmas, 365

Day 339 – Friday 5th December – my son found this beautiful skeleton of a leaf on our front garden.

Leaf, garden, autumn

Day 340 – Saturday 6th December – my daughter is the first member of the family ever to have a Christmas jumper. So glad she chose this boys’ jumper, not sparkly, girly tat.

Christmas jumper, Daughter, 365

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  1. I do love this linky, I’m hoping to take part next year if I can remember to take a photo every day ;0) You just reminded me that I wanted to try to get to a Christmas tree festival in a village near us. Love the Christmas jumper choice x

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    • I love this linky too! Sometimes it’s hard to take a photo every day, but most of the time I manage to do it without trying! I’m going to keep it up next year, I think I’d miss it now if I didn’t do it. Enjoy the Christmas tree festival! x

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  2. Love the jumper and how great your boy chose the picture calendar over the chocolate! 🙂

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    • I know, I was very proud of him for that! I’m a chocaholic myself, but still prefer a pretty picture advent calendar at a chocolate one!

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    • I’m loving the car, thanks! I’ve never seen a leaf quite like it, it was a lucky find. I’m not generally a fan of Christmas jumpers, but I thought this was a good one 🙂

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  3. Some lovely pictures of the mist and the leaves this week. Liking the Christmas jumper – we need to buy one by Friday apparently for school.

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    • Thanks very much. I would recommend Asda for the jumpers! They have a good selection.

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  4. Eliza chose a boys christmas jumper too!! We have left advent calendars this year – the only one with chocolate is sebby

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    • Boys have the best Christmas jumpers! 🙂

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    • Thanks very much. I’m so pleased to have a car at last – especially such a cool one! x

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  5. I’m loving your car! The colour is fab too. Great ho ho ho Christmas jumper, we’ve yet to put the monkeys in theirs!

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    • Thanks very much! I said my daughter could wear her jumper from the start of December, so she actually gets some use out of it! I also bought quite a big one so it should still fit next year.

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  6. i am totally loving your new car Sarah! what a fab colour too! .. i like the look of making markers pens! how cool is that

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    • Thanks very much, the car is ace! I thought making marker pens was a bit random, but the kids loved it!

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  7. what a fun festive jumper – it cannot help but make you smile 🙂
    what a great car you have now – yay you must be very pleased about that.
    and what a cool review item – to make you own marker pens! x

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    • I’m so pleased to have the car! I’m loving the freedom and it’s even better that it’s a cool car. I was a bit sceptical about Christmas jumpers, but we found one we could both agree on with this one!

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  8. Clio would love that jumper! Cool car, i can just see you in that. Very you.

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    • Thanks very much! I have to have yellow cars 🙂 I think Clio and my daughter have very similar taste!

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  9. My daughter has just ordered herself a jumper – she can’t wait for it to come! Those home-made felt tip pens look fun. Loving the mist in your first pic. Amazing what you often walk past without noticing isn’t it? Or in your case, run!

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    • It is! I never stop to take pics when I’m running, even though I still notice these lovely sights. Hope your daughter’s jumper lives up to expectations!

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  10. I like that jumper, I’m with you, not a lovely of girly jumpers.
    Thats a great leaf skeleton, good find .
    I love love love that car, great colour and a nice size.

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