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The Book of Everyone really is a book of everyone. But, then again, maybe isn’t. Because it’s a book of someone. Someone special, someone specific, someone unique. Because every Book of Everyone is personalised.

I must admit to being a bit sceptical of personalised books. I’ve always been slightly underwhelmed by them. So I wasn’t holding out particularly high hopes when I entered a few details online to preview a book.

But I was blown away! The Book of Everyone is fantastic.

Book of Everyone, Christmas, gift

The website is also incredibly easy to use. Believe me when I say that me and websites don’t get on. If there is any slight glitch, anything which isn’t 100% obvious, I will find it and mess up whatever I’m doing. I’m forever shouting at websites because they don’t do what they’re supposed to do for me. But The Book of Everyone  isn’t like that. You just enter the name and date of birth of the person you’re making the book for and, within seconds, it has previewed a book for you. Even the preview version is amazing, but you then go through it and edit some of the pages to make it really personal.

Just some of the things it includes are facts about the person’s age, lots of information about the year and date they were born – from the number 1 single, through popular films and TV programmes to world leaders and people who share their birthday. It includes the person’s sign of the zodiac and even their name spelled out in British Sign Language.

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There’s plenty of space to add and change information – a word that summarises them, a word to describe how much you love them, analysis of what’s going on inside their brain (e.g. television, dancing and pudding) and lots of other details that make it completely unique to that person. You can also add photos to some of the pages.

The beautifully designed 50 page books are available in lots of different formats to suit all budgets – Digital £7.50, Paperback £19.50, Hardback £29.50 and Deluxe £49.50.

They really do make a fantastic Christmas gift. And, as Christmas is a time for giving, the lovely people at The Book of Everyone will make a contribution to Age UK towards gifting a book to an elderly person who may not otherwise get a Christmas present. Because don’t all amazing people deserve a present at Christmas?

I’m very grateful to The Book of Everyone for giving me the opportunity to make a book for each of my children. Usually when I review an item it is obvious which one it will suit, but I genuinely couldn’t choose who should get The Book of Everyone. Because it really is a gift which is suitable for everyone. I’m now thinking of getting them for my parents and sister. They would be great for a milestone birthday as well as a Christmas gift.

Delivery is included in the price and is within five days.

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We received paperback copies of The Book of Everyone for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh wow I remember when Lady Marmalade was number 1, I loved that song 🙂 it looks like a really great idea and definitely interesting to flick through if you love factoids!

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    • It is a really good idea, I honestly can’t recommend them enough! I had no idea Lady Marmalade was number 1 the day my son was born! All I remember is this annoying Mis-teeq song that someone up the road kept playing with the windows wide open!

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  2. These really are a genius idea, I have got to find someone to do this for or maybe I will just do one for myself

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    • They’re a brilliant idea! Definitely the best personalised product I’ve come across. I’m going to do one for my Dad’s 70th which is coming up 🙂

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