What she wore: The new boots

My daughter has had brogue type shoes for the last couple of winters, and wanted to get another pair this year. But it seemed like there weren’t any available this year, apart from plain black ones for school. So she decided to go for some boots.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on calf-length boots. Call me stingy, but I just don’t see the point in spending £60 or more on a pair of boots for a child that will only last one winter. Plus, my daughter had a pair of boots like that for Christmas from Grandma last year and she hardly wore them. Somehow they just didn’t seem to suit her personality and way of life. My daughter is someone who puts her shoes on and immediately starts running. Wherever we are going, whatever we are doing, she just runs. Boots that go half way up your legs just don’t seem to be suitable for that.

So ankle boots seemed like the perfect solution – a good compromise between brogues and high boots (and cheaper than high boots too!). When I saw these black biker boots in Clarks, I must admit I wasn’t sure. I’m not a fan of girls dressing too old for their age and I wondered if they were a bit too ‘old’ for her. But as soon as she put them on, we both knew they were perfect.

They have character. It is a character which suits her. They are fun, fashionable and she can run in them!

They also go with everything – they make a dress look a bit cooler and more edgy and they go perfectly with the shorts and leggings she tends to wear most weekends.

And if the winter is a cold, wet one, they’re going to be better for keeping her warm and dry than a pair of brogues.

We love her new Clarks boots!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Quite fancy a pair of those myself!

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    • Ha ha, me too! I haven’t really seen any for adults (not that I’ve particularly been looking!).

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    • Thanks very much, Claire. I like them a lot more than I expected to!

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  2. Ooh they are lovely! I find the cost of children’s shoes so ridiculously expensive and we have been looking around as A wants some boots too. I will have to go and have a look at Clarks.

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    • They’re fab, aren’t they? I don’t mind paying if they’re long-lasting and they get worn a lot! I’m never happy if I buy something and then she decides not to wear it.

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  3. Great boots. Certainly practical and versatile while still having a bit of character.

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