Sponsored silence for Children in Need

After their success last year, my younger two kids decided they would like to do a sponsored silence again for Children in Need. For a whole 24 hours! That’s not easy.

Armed with notebooks and pens, they were silent from the moment they got up in the morning.

My daughter’s first note of the day: I came down early because I needed the toilet.

She then went on to inform me that she did her times tables yesterday because she wasn’t speaking today.

My daughter is a chatterbox who needs to keep me informed of every little detail of her life, so not talking is really difficult for her. My son is much quieter, so it wasn’t so hard for him – he shared hardly any notes with me before school.

The kids were wearing onesies for school to raise money for Children in Need. As she was doing a sponsored silence, my daughter was going full-on Pudsey – she’d got a Pudsey onesie and Tshirt.  She informed me via note ‘I don’t think any more that the Tshirt goes well with the onesie but I will wear the Tshirt on Tuesday and other times’. I stuck to my guns though and she reluctantly went to school in the onesie and Tshirt (but came home not wearing the Tshirt).

The walk to school was a strange one without the chatter.

My daughter looked miserable when she came out of school. She wrote me a note to say ‘I’m tired of writing’. But she was still going!

My poor son came out with a note to say that kids had been trying to catch him and his friend out. He hadn’t been caught, but his friends had. That’s year 6s for you!

PicMonkey childreninneedCollage

Last year, they’d had loads of adulation and support from other kids and teachers who were in awe of what they were doing. This year, people seemed less bothered. They both had a friend doing the silence with them and there were other kids in the school too. Somehow it didn’t feel so special. Last year’s silence also came at the end of a really tough week for us last November, so it was something to brighten the week up. But this year’s sponsored silence was no less of an achievement.

After school we went to a Children in Need coffee and cake thing at my eldest’s friend’s house. My daughter was sat with me writing notes as I chatted to people, most of whom I didn’t know. It was ages until they realised she was actually doing a sponsored silence – they thought she was just shy. They were very impressed.

I was starting to miss their voices. The house just didn’t seem the same without them. They made it through the evening and right up to bedtime. And in the morning, it was lovely to hear them speak again.

I couldn’t have been prouder. In all honesty, how many adults could stay silent for a whole 24 hours?

They didn’t raise as much money as they would have liked for Children in Need. Unfortunately there isn’t an online facility, but please get in touch if you would like to sponsor them.

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  1. There’s not doubt about it, this is an incredible achievement! I know that I would find it sooooo hard – no nagging? I’d probably fail before they even left for school! Well done to your gang, they’re always doing such incredible things which probably makes it pale a bit but I hope that they made some good money for Children in Need anyway x

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    • Thanks very much! I think I’d fail almost immediately too – who would control the kids without me talking?! x

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  2. Aww! Very well done to them! I don’t think I could manage to do it!
    You have every reason to be proud! It’s for such a good cause! x

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    • Thanks very much! It really is a good cause 🙂 x

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  3. What a fantastic achievement. I certainly couldn’t be quiet for that long! I wish my children would be quiet sometimes but think 24 hours without hearing their voices would be very strange x #loudandproud

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    • It is very strange not to hear them! It’s almost quite lonely. I don’t think I could manage it either.

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  4. Hello there, that’s a great idea-our little boy even talks in his sleep and I struggle to stay quiet for an hour let alone 24, what an achievement! x

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    • Bless him! I struggle to stay quiet too. Thanks very much 🙂

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  5. A great idea and a fantastic achievement. I’m not sure our three would be able to manage 24 minutes, much less 24 hours!

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    • It’s surprising my daughter can do it, to be honest, she’s such a chatterbox! But she’s determined.

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  6. I think that is a huge achievement – not sure I could manage to stay silent for 24 hours. Well done to your children for managing to do so and for a great cause too! 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, I’m not sure I could either, I’m very proud of them.

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  7. I’m so impressed – I totally agree, for kids to do that, that demands a whole lot of focus and discipline especially when they’re pretty much alone in their school doing it! I really presumed this was something their whole class was doing!
    That’s really outstanding. I hope they felt it was worth it… & I understand you were ‘missing’ their voices by the end of the day <3

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    • They were pleased with themselves and raised just over £50 for Children in Need between (albeit with a hefty contribution from Mummy and Daddy!). I was just so impressed with their determination 🙂 x

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