A birthday cake

I’ve just stuck a candle in a cupcake and said a silent happy birthday for a girl who should turn 14 today.

But Abi won’t eat any cake today, she won’t excitedly open up clothes and make-up, she won’t take selfies with her friends, she won’t have a birthday sleepover. Because Abi isn’t here any more. She is forever 12.

Today will be a tough day for her family and I am thinking of them as I light that candle. They don’t want us to forget Abi, which is why her mum, who blogs at Chasing Dragonflies, has asked us all to stick a candle in a cupcake and to decorate social media with little cakes in honour of Abi’s birthday.

I didn’t know Abi, but my son was in her class in year 7. They hadn’t been together long, they hardly knew each other, but I feel a connection with her through my son. When I think of Abi, I think of my son and how lucky I am to still have him.

And I think of Abi’s mum, who I have had the pleasure to get to know through social media. I think of what she must go through every day and I can’t bear it. And that’s why I lit this candle.

Happy birthday Abi. I hope you’re partying in heaven right now. x

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Such a beautiful idea. We often get a cake after school and I shall try and get a cupcake today and do the same. x

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    • Lovely, thanks Rachel! Remember to share your pic on social media. x

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    • You’re very welcome! When I stuck the candle in the cake, I started thinking about what it meant, so I decided to write it and share it. I’m more of a words person than a pictures person! x

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    • Thank you! I know her mum will appreciate all the kind comments x

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  2. Gosh, I can’t imagine the pain this may cause every birthday. What a lovely idea and a great way to always remember Abi

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