What she wore: Autumn cable knit dress

Well autumn is finally here! And my daughter and I have finally been shopping for some new clothes for her. Sadly I haven’t been able to create the sort of capsule wardrobe we managed last year, but she’s chosen a few bits and pieces that she likes and hopefully they will more or less fit together!

Jumper dresses have been a wardrobe staple for her for the past couple of years. This is her favourite rabbit dress from last autumn, her Joules horse dress from last winter and her dog dress from the previous winter. This year there are no animal motifs, not because she doesn’t want them, but because they don’t seem to have them in the shops. There are also definitely a lot less jumper dresses in Next (our shop of choice for most of the clothes we buy for her and her brothers).

So instead she chose this berry-coloured (perfect autumn colour!) cable knit dress from Next. It has buttons on the shoulder and is warm and comfortable, without being itchy (my daughter hates being itchy). I’m not sure if she will manage to get a cardigan over it when the weather turns really cold or if she will have to wear layers underneath it.

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We bought her an age 9, which, considering she is only 8 and a half, seems to be quite short on her. So much for my cunning idea that she could wear it next year too! It was her decision to wear it with leggings rather than tights, which seems to be very sensible, and something I think she should stick with. The leggings are part of a pack of three from Sainsburys, bought on one of their brilliant 25% off events. Although they’re perhaps not such a bargain because I suspect she won’t ever wear the other pairs. They’re a nice shade of blue and have three neat little buttons at the ankle.

I persuaded my daughter to wear trainer socks with her leggings, rather than some of her more garish spotty and stripy socks (why do kids’ socks have to be so loud and ruin outfits?) and she finished it off with her Converse. She is desperate for me to buy her some winter shoes or boots, but I’m holding out as long as possible, so she hasn’t outgrown them by Christmas!

What are your kids wearing for autumn?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ooh I love the colour.and it looks really nice and warm too. I’m determined to put some colout into my wardrobe this winter.

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    • Thanks! I think it’s the perfect colour for autumn. I always wear lots of colour – possibly too much sometimes when I’m wearing my pink hoodie, my yellow coat and my green Converse!

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  2. That’s a gorgeous jumper dress – love the colour and it looks fab with the leggings. I love jumper dresses for the winter for my girls – we usually have layers underneath when it gets colder.

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    • Thanks very much. I think we will be going for layers underneath for the winter too!

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  3. my daughter is roughly the same age (was 8 in march) and wears an age 10 in next, just because otherwise things are ridiculously short. It is ok for dresses and tops but a no go for trousers or skirts, I have taken to buying the 10 and hoping it has an elasticated waist I can pull in or stitching it so it can be undone later. Someone somewhere obviously thinks all uk children are plump and short.

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