Cows and pub toilets

I started my blog three years ago s a way to record and share the funny things my kids said. There’s a lot of these funny questions back in the early days of my blog, but it’s been a long time since I’ve shared any, partly because ‘proper blogging’ took over very quickly, but also because my kids are older now and don’t say quite as many funny things as they used to.

But to celebrate the blogoversary, here’s a selection of my kids’ funny questions and comments from the last year…


B1 age 12: If I lost my pocket money for extremely hurting LG, would LG get some of the pocket money I lost?


LG age 7 1/4: Normally in pubs they don’t have toilets.


LG age 7 1/4: Sometimes when a big speedboat goes by very fast, does it make the tide come in?


LG age 7 1/4: Sometimes ladies go into the toilet just to do their make-up. I think I might do that one day.


LG age 7 1/4: (sings) Uncle Billy lost his willy on the motorway… Is that true?


LG age 7 1/4: What are they?

Mummy: Cows.

LG: But they’re furry.

M: Cows ARE furry.

LG: But one was all black.

M: Cows can be all black.

LG: I imagine cows are like they are in pictures – smooth and black and white.


LG age 7 1/4: Do you think anyone has ever fallen in the toilet?


LG age 7 1/4: When it’s pitch black, it doesn’t get any darker. That’s the good thing about pitch black.


LG age 7 1/4: (sees a subway) It says subway there! Why is it named after a shop?


Mummy: This is the posh car park.

LG age 7 1/4: Well why are we here then?


LG age 7 1/4: Has anyone ever lifted up a house? Not even the strongest person in the world?


LG age 7 1/2: Your arm doesn’t feel electrical today.


LG age 7 1/2: How much does it cost to hire a rocket?


LG age 7 1/2: How long do you stay in space, because you can’t just say ‘ooh I travelled to the moon’ and go back down.


LG age 7 1/2: What would happen if you put blu-tac in the microwave?


B1 age 12 1/4: You’re eating lumberjack’s food.

Daddy: Is steak lumberjack’s food?

B1: Yes. What is a lumberjack?


LG age 7 3/4: Have we been everywhere in England? No, I’ve never been to Sheffield.


Mummy: (singing) I wish it could be Christmas every day…

LG age 7 3/4: No, because it would get boring. You would get everything you want and then you would just get glue.


B1 age 12 1/2: Mum, how much money’s worth of food do you think I’ve eaten in my whole life?


B1 age 12 1/2: What would it feel like to be the very best footballer in the whole world?


B1 age 12 1/2: Can me and B2 have a go at spontaneously combusting something?


B1 age 12 1/2: It’s very noisy in a helicopter. You wouldn’t be able to play chess in there.


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  1. These are hilarious! Kids really have their own logic. The one about the subway made me laugh out loud 😀

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    • Thanks! I love that kids are still random even when they’re big like my lot. We live in a smallish town, we saw the subway in London. It seems she’d never seen one before!

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    • Luckily they didn’t! As you can imagine, my answer to that question was most definitely ‘no’!

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  2. That is so cute! I love the car park one and the Christmas one too. Glue, that is so random. This is such a lovely way to mark your three years of blogging as is is where it all began. Thank you so much for linking up.

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    • The glue particularly made me laugh too! Now the challenge is on to collect enough questions for the four year anniversary!
      It’s a pleasure to link up, glad Funnee was hosted by my oldest blogging friend at just the right time! 🙂

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