Project 365: Week 35

It looked set to be another boring week, but then we got a surprise bit of excitement with a trip to London, which made a nice change!

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week…

Day 236 – Sunday 24th August – I ran over 12 miles this morning and was pleased it was my fastest pace over a stupidly long distance. I’m hoping this means I can beat my personal best in the Cheltenham half marathon.

Running, training, half marathon, personal best, 365

Day 237 – Monday 25th August – a wet and boring bank holiday. We had nothing to and couldn’t even do traditional bank holiday gardening due to the rain, but then we cheered up when I managed to get hold of these!

Got to Dance, Ticket, 365

Day 238 – Tuesday 26th  August – a showery day with jobs to do round the house, but at least we had the guinea pigs to entertain us!

Guinea pig, Pet, 365

Day 239 – Wednesday 27th August – we went to see the Got To Dance live semi-final at Earls Court!

Earls Court, Got To Dance, 365

Day 240 – Thursday 28th August – before setting off from London, I went for a walk round Hammersmith, where I used to live.

Hammersmith bridge, Hammersmith, London, 365

Day 241 – Friday 29th August – bit of a guinea pig overkill this week, but this was the first time anyone held two guinea pigs at once, as well as being a very cute picture!

Guinea pigs, Pets, 365

Day 242 – Saturday 30th August – jeans trauma! I wear jeans all the time and only have two pairs (identical, which I love). They both got holes in them within the space of a few days. I needed new jeans! And they don’t make my favourites any more. These almost ticked the boxes. Shame there was only one pair in stock!

Jeans, Superdry, 365

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  1. Don’t think you can have too many guinea pig photos 😉
    How lovely to go and see the Got to Dance show – was it good?

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    • It was brilliant, a really exciting experience 🙂

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  2. Jealous you got to see Got To Dance. This is one of the only things I dislike about only having freeview! Missing extra dance shows.

    Argh, jeans shopping is always a pain whatever size you are.

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    • It was brilliant watching Got To Dance.
      The jeans are a nightmare! My problem is I can’t wear skinny jeans – even though I am skinny! I have muscular legs and I literally can’t get the jeans over them! I don’t want to wear old lady jeans though 🙁

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 Glad it’s not just me who has issues with jeans!

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  3. You really are quite taken with those Guinea Pigs, aren’t you?! They are very cute, I must admit. We’ve had some boring weeks too, tricky to get photos isn’t it? How was the show?

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    • I am very taken with the guinea pigs! (And they make a change from flowers on a not many photo opportunities kind of day! The show was fab, thanks 🙂

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  4. I just realised your Silent Sunday is from London. I’m not even a fan of got to dance but bet watching it live would have been fantastic!

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    • It is London! It was brilliant watching Got To Dance, we all had a great time 🙂

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  5. I spend a lot of time in jeans too. I’ve experimented with all sorts of different brands: cheap and expensive. Generally, I think you get what you pay for. Glad you all enjoyed the dance show.

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    • I got my first pair of Superdry jeans second hand about three years ago. I’d always worn Next before that, but now I find Next too plain and uninspiring. Unfortunately Superdry stuff is made for very young people and even though I’m skinny I have big muscular legs and can’t find anything to fit! 🙁

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  6. how exciting to get to go to london!! I do hope you find some more of the jeans you love honey, i am always gutted when this happens x

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  7. I have to make sure my kids don’t see the pix of the guinea pigs or they’ll insist I buy them some asap! I’m in a jeans dilemma too as was hoping to order my faves which fit me perfectly on returning to UK (my old ones were shredded at the knees) and they’re no longer available!

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    • Grrr! Very annoying when they discontinue clothes you love!

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  8. I bet seeing the show live was fab! The guinea pigs really are very cute 🙂 Well done on your pace, I can only dream of a pace like that!

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  9. Aw those guinea pigs are so cute! I have a similar photo of Earls court funnily enough.

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