The magic of Coombe Mill

I love reading about life at Coombe Mill – it sounds so busy and so much fun living on a farm and spending so much time in the great outdoors. I’ve read enough about it on other people’s blogs too to be convinced it’s an amazing place, so I was very happy that Fiona invited us to visit when we were on holiday in Padstow recently.
I’ll be honest, my husband wasn’t overly keen on going – he didn’t necessarily want to take time out of our holiday to visit one of my blog friends, but I convinced him anyway (with the backing of the kids who had checked out the website!). My eldest was particularly keen to visit as he knew there was a fishing lake and also a river – the River Camel – where you can fish.
We arrived just after the morning feed fun had started. My kids were very happy to don the Coombe Mill caps, despite being older than most of the other kids there. The farm was swarming with small children and parents – searching for eggs and bravely picking up chickens. There were geese flapping and, best and most randomly of all, WALLABIES.
My younger son was so determined to catch a wallaby, but those little animals sure can run! There was no way they were going to be caught by my son, however fast he ran and however determined. And the reality is, he would have totally freaked if he’d caught one – he still isn’t very confident about picking up our guinea pigs.
Children travel on a trailer on the back of a tractor to feed the animals – goats, a very pregnant pig called Sally, who loves kitchen scraps, and some donkeys. The children also got to groom the donkeys and the child-size ponies. I was amazed by how calm the animals were – and how brave the children were! My daughter, who doesn’t like animals, was happy to stay close to us and just watch. My younger son, who also isn’t great with animals, felt confident enough to stroke the goats.
PicMonkey coombemillCollage
I missed the most entertaining bit of the feed run – when the children go to ‘find’ the deer and the deer start running. Luckily my husband took some photos and videos to show me, while I got my eldest set up at the fishing lake.
After the feed run, we had a walk round the farm with Fiona, and looked at some of the amazing accommodation, as well as the lovely areas for children to play. I can just imagine how excited the little children must be when it’s time for the train ride every evening.
I’m very grateful to Clio, Fiona’s daughter, who invited my daughter to play with her and one of the regular guests on the trampoline and also got her a drink and some cake. My daughter can be shy around people she doesn’t know and usually just clings to us and doesn’t speak, but she had a great time on the trampoline.
Apparently my son caught a fish, but sadly there is no photographic evidence. He enjoyed his time fishing peacefully though.
There was a small number of guests at Coombe Mill around my kids’ age, although generally I would think it was better for slightly younger children. I know how excited my kids would have been to spend time there a few years ago, or how much my little niece would love it.
It really is a magical place – every bit as good as I’d imagined, and more.
Oh, and my husband the sceptic, the man who didn’t really want to go? He loved it. Absolutely loved it. He’s going to tell everyone he knows about it.
Thank you, Fiona, for letting us share a little bit of the Coombe Mill magic.


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ohhhh I’m a bit jealous. I keep seeing all these amazing Coombe Mill pics from people that have visited and really want to go too. It’s a bit far for us but we will get there one day!

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    • It’s definitely worth a visit if you can make it there. It was even better than I’d imagined. I bet Z would love it! He’s at the perfect age for it now.

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  2. Sarah thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely post. It was a delight to meet you and all the family here on the farm, I think a little longer and our daughters would have found lots in common. You’re boys are great and didn’t even complain when it tipped down on their fishing fun. Most welcome to stop by next year on your Padstow trip and I’ll make a cake with no banana!

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    • Thanks very much, I’m sure we’ll pop in again, it was lovely to meet you and to see what a fabulous place Coombe Mill is. I reckon my son would have happily stayed there fishing all day, rain or otherwise, and our girls could definitely have talked ballet!

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  3. Fab review S. Remind me age of ur kids? Think mine will b just not too old if we go in next year….wish I’d found it earlier too. Sounds so good. Maybe next Easter….

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    • I wish we’d found it earlier too. My kids are 13, 10 and 8. I’m sure they’d have a lovely holiday there, but ideally it would be better for slightly younger children.

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  4. Sounds so amazing! Glad everyone loved it, especially your hubby…. it’s great when the most skeptical person ends up being the most enthusiastic 🙂 #CountryKids

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    • It is! I was so pleased he enjoyed it – I didn’t want him to spend the remainder of the holiday moaning that I dragged him there and it was boring! Instead he was saying nice things about it all holiday! 🙂

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  5. We stayed at Coombe Mill earlier this year, and we loved it. It is magical. The kids still go on about the animals and Farmer Nick and his tractor rides! x

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    • I bet it was brilliant! No wonder your kids still talk about it.

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    • It was! A really good day 🙂

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  6. It is a great place to visit! Bit far for you though.

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  7. Coombemill mill is amazing isn’t it. Such a shame I missed you last week!
    My kids loved the trampoline too and it sounds like the fishing was a hit. X

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  8. I would love to go and visit, having seen so many wonderful photos and reviews over the years, I know it would be a wonderful place to have a holiday.

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    • It definitely would! Hopefully you will get the chance to pop in one day.

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    • It really was lovely! Sorry to make you jealous! 🙂

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  9. Wow, what a wonderful visit. Bet your boy was very chuffed with his fish catch 🙂

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