Nancy B’s Science Club scientific microscope review

As a child, I always thought microscopes were impossibly exciting – they were something from adventure stories and detective stories. To own one or to use one was pretty much beyond my wildest dreams (yes, we had simple tastes in the 70s and 80s).

Now, of course, children can have microscopes – pretty powerful ones at that. It’s something my younger son has always wanted, but he’s never had one. So we were very excited to be asked to choose something from the Nancy B’s Science Club range on the Learning Resources website. I really hoped he would choose the microscope – and he did!

The microscope is designed for children aged 8 and over. It has three magnification settings – 30x, 100x and an amazing 400x. It comes complete with an Activity Journal full of advice to help children get the most out of their microscope. There are some ready-loaded slides in the box, so kids can get straight on with looking at things like a peacock feather and a goldfish scale, which, in my son’s case, he wouldn’t be looking at any other way.

There’s also lots of bits and pieces for preparing your own slides – tweezers, scalpel, spatula, pipette and test tube, as well as the slides themselves, along with cover slips and labels.

My son has really enjoyed investigating things he’s found in the garden with the microscope, and he’s expecting to have lots more fun with it over the summer.

PicMonkey nancybsmicroscopeCollage

The microscope takes AAA batteries, which is the size of battery we never seem to have in the cupboard!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oooo big man would love a microscope. I’ve bought some fab science stuff from learning resources

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    • It is fantastic! I can’t get my head round that a kid’s toy can have 400x magnification!

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