What she wore: a trip to the beach

When we went to Weston-super-Mare a couple of weeks ago, I asked my daughter what she’d like to wear.

‘That pink, stripy seaside dress.’

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what she was talking about. But I went to her wardrobe and there was a dress which perfectly matched the description of ‘pink, stripy seaside dress’. It was one of my Next sale bargains which I’d bought for her to grow into, and then forgotten about.

When we say ‘seaside dress’ we’re talking British seaside here. This is a warm, cover-up kind of dress, perfect for our British weather. It’s made of a thin sweatshirt material and has a hood and long sleeves. It’s loose-fitting and is perfect for throwing on over a swimsuit to warm up after a splash in the bracing British sea. The colours are muted and faded and it has a soft denim trim on the elbows and neck. It really is the perfect dress for a trip to the beach.

As the weather wasn’t exactly ‘cracking the flags’ (my husband’s phrase, is it a North West thing?), she wore it with leggings from Sainsburys. Maroon isn’t a perfect match, but it wasn’t too bad. My daughter also wore her lovely navy and yellow Gap sandals, a brave move considering both the temperature and the mud!

I hope we get to see the seaside dress out a lot more over the summer.

PicMonkey seasidedressCollage

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. IT probably comes as no surprise to you that we had that dress too, although we have the navy one and A has absolutely worn it to death over the winter. I have just sadly put it into the no longer fits pile as she has grown so much in the last few months but it is a lovely dress.

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    • I’m not surprised A had it too! I’d forgotten it was actually supposed to be a winter dress! It’s so perfect for the seaside.

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    • They certainly do, Chantelle! Very useful for your family so you can hand them all down! x

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