What she wore: summer picnic

Ah, the British summer. The seaside, parks, gardens, the sun, barbecues, picnics… Rain, cold…

We were very pleased when House of Fraser Kids offered us the chance to create the perfect outfit for a picnic. I say ‘we’, but I actually mean ‘I’. I took a quick glance at the site and realised there were literally hundreds of things to choose from. I knew my daughter would be totally overwhelmed by the selection, so I thought I ought to choose myself and it would be a nice surprise for her.

First up for the British summertime has to be some sort of hoodie or cardigan. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be warm but, let’s be honest, how often do you spend a day outside even in July without resorting to a cardigan or hoodie at some point?

PicMonkey parrotCollage

I chose this grey knitted cardigan from Bench as my starting point. My daughter has never had anything from Bench before, or any other cool brand for that matter, so I thought she would be very pleased with this. It’s made of 100% soft knitted cotton and has a zip and a hood (so it’s kind of a hoodie really!). The detailing on it is fantastic – not the sort of thing you’d find in the high street stores we normally shop in. There’s a discreet Bench logo embroidered on one of the sleeves and the cardigan is decorated with white spots in varying sizes. When you look at the spots more closely, they look like they have been coloured in carelessly and they’re all different, making the cardigan look very individual.

Best of all, the cardigan has thumb holes on the cuffs! So you can wear your cardigan over your hands and stick your thumbs through the holes. This is something Superdry did with their designs back in the day (regular readers will know I am OBSESSED with Superdry) and I always had my thumbs through the holes. Having always been one of those people who pulls their sleeves right over their hands, these holes were the best thing since sliced bread for me. Anyway, I’ve digressed, but my daughter was always jealous of those thumb holes!

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What to wear with the cardigan? I toyed with the idea of shorts and Tshirts for playing in – because you need to be able to climb trees or make sandcastles on a picnic, don’t you? But in the end I went for something a bit smarter.

This jumpsuit from Ottam Kids is definitely one for the middle of summer (or abroad, not that we’re going abroad this year). It is sleeveless, the legs are 3/4 length and it is made of the lightest cotton. It is also beautiful! You can still climb trees in it, but you could also go to parties in it.

PicMonkey cardiganrunningCollage

It comes in turquoise or bright pink and I went for the turquoise. It is decorated all over with brightly coloured parrots, and there is discreet smattering of sequins on the parrots on the bodice.

Well I’m pleased to say my daughter absolutely loves the outfit I chose for her. It really suits her and is perfect for picnics.

We’ve had some warm weather over the last few days, here’s hoping it continues into the summer holidays so we can get out there and have lots of picnics!

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We were given the clothes from House of Fraser Kids for the purposes of this post. All opinions are our own.



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That’s a gorgeous jumpsuit. I really love the colour on it, so perfect for summer too!

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    • Thanks very much, it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? I hope the nice weather comes back so she can wear it again!

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  2. These playsuits are all the rage aren’t they? I really like so many items on their website but didn’t think this kind of thing would suit my daughter. It looks perfect on yours! I imagine she loves that hoodie – so cool! x

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    • Thank you! Your daughter is probably a bit old for this sort of thing, but my daughter loves them. They look quite smart, but are comfortable and have plenty of movement in them! The hoodie is really cool and it feels so soft too! I wouldn’t let her way it to non-uniform day because I thought it was too nice to lose/ get paint on.

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  3. I am in love with that jumpsuit! I hope they are still in fashion when Jasmin gets a bit older! x

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  4. That’s such a sweet outfit 🙂

    Did you know that Bench clothing having thumb holes is their trademark thing? I don’t know when I first heard about Superdry but it was a long time after I heard of Bench. I was a BIG Bench fan years ago and it was all about the thumb holes..


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    • Thanks very much, I didn’t know that about Bench and the thumb holes! None of us have ever worn Bench before (although my glasses are Bench), but I’ve been wearing Superdry for six years now (it’s pretty much all I wear) and it was a thing for them in the first couple of years. x

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