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One of my greatest achievements as a parent has been to get my kids reading and loving books. I was the only child in my family who read, and my husband doesn’t read at all, so I knew that raising three bookworms was far from inevitable. But I’m pleased to say I have!

Books are something I have always been happy to spend money on and few things make me happier than seeing my kids curled up with a book. When they were younger I would look round bookshops and choose books I thought they would find interesting. As they’ve got older, they’ve heard about things through school or friends and chosen for themselves.

Books, reading, kids

My boys, who are now 10 and 12, have gone from Julia Donaldson and Charlie & Lola through Horrid Henry, Beast Quest, Jeremy Strong, Mr Gum, Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Alex Rider. Unlike me, they read their books over and over again, with the Harry Potters, Wimpy Kids and Alex Riders all looking like they have seen much better days. They also love dipping in and out of fact books and encyclopaedias, and my eldest has also recently started trawling my shelves for appropriate reading matter too.

Books, reading, kids

My daughter, who is 8, enjoys Jeremy Strong and Jacqueline Wilson books and I love reading them with her. Recently she borrowed a Tom Gates book off her brother’s shelf and absolutely loved it. She is now working her way through the series and is forever telling me about them.

I always worry that my kids might stop reading once they get to the end of a series they love. Moving onto a new series is always a big deal as they’re convinced it won’t be as good as the books they’ve just finished. But they always find something new and get hooked on. They’ve been lucky enough to go to author events and have authors visit them at school, which has helped fire their imaginations and make them want to read more.

Julia Donaldson, author, books, reading

I met Julia Donaldson!

I’m glad they’ve had so many opportunities to read and I’ve been able to pass my love of books onto them.

Do your children love to read? What are their favourite books?





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