Scuffs on the paintwork

In my old house, I never noticed marked paintwork. I didn’t see where trainers had connected with skirting boards, chairs had collided with door frames, tea bags had missed the bin and dripped down the wall. I was literally blind to these things.

I never thought I could change so dramatically.

Our old house was all ready when we moved in – a new kitchen and bathroom and magnolia walls throughout. Yes, we changed it a fair bit over the years – a loft conversion, two new patios, new windows, new drive, new interior doors, new French doors – but that was all done for us by someone else.

We painted the kids’ bedrooms, but there was nothing challenging about it – that was just some colour over magnolia. We didn’t have to fight with floral wallpaper which refused to be hidden and we didn’t paint the skirting boards or the door frames!

But this house is different. This house has been a labour of love. Blood, sweat and tears have gone into those walls and skirting boards. Not someone else’s. Mine. And my husband’s.

And now I see every single scuff, every imperfection. How do they appear so quickly? They’re everywhere I look. There’s the wall in the hall where I scraped the ladder against it, chips on the skirting boards in the bedroom where we struggled to get the wardrobes through the door, there are scrapes all up the walls on the stairs and marks on the landing (more ladder scrapes?), there are messy edges where the gloss from the skirting boards has got onto the freshly-painted walls. As I lie in bed, all I can see are those damn marks on my skirting boards.

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I just want to get the brush out and cover them up. I can do that, because we still have a flipping enormous great tub of ivory paint in the garage because this house is a long-term project. We’ve slowed down, but we’re far from finished. There are still plenty of areas that need transforming.

This obsession with paintwork is not me. This is so far from the me I’ve always been.

Now I wonder, if the brand new paintwork has got messed up this quickly, what sort of a flipping awful state was my old house in?!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I think it’s natural to be a bit overprotective about a house that you have put your all into.
    I decorated Damien’s room a couple of months ago. It takes me a lot longer to paint these days because I have arthritis in my shoulder. I walked into his room the other night and he’d scrawled numbers all over his wall. I had to walk out again and go breathe to ten to get it into perspective.
    When you work so hard, it’s only natural that you want it to look nice as long as possible but in the great scheme of things – skirting boards will get scuffed and children will occasionally draw on walls, I know I did. Ooops.
    I keep little tester pots of any colour I use under the sink. That way it’s no big deal to touch up bits here and there. x

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    • Glad it’s not just me, MummyShambles! Must have been a shock to see that, but you did the right thing by taking a deep breath.
      Tester pots sound like the perfect solution! Lugging the massive great tub out of the garage and struggling to open it is enough to put anyone off sorting the paintwork out!

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  2. When my family were coming to visit, I walked round with a pot of paint and covered up all the marks. It looked so fabulous, I thought I’d do it regularly. That was six months ago, oh well….

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    • Sounds like a very good idea, Christine! But, having lived in our house three months and with some of the paintwork only two months old, I am amazed at how quickly it declines! Maybe an annual touch-up would work?

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  3. I’ve just noticed all our walls could do with a massive coat of paint. We did a big refresh with skimming about 5 years ago and haven’t done anything at all since then. It’s starting to look a bit yellow rather than magnolia now.

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    • Five years is a long time, Notmyyearoff, although there were parts of our old house we never painted in nine years! I had friends who did it at least once a year and I couldn’t understand it. I think I understand it a bit more now! I’m sure we’ll be refreshing a lot more often in our new house.

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  4. It would drive me mad too! I can already see once my house is decorated I shall be walking round with a paintbrush ‘touching up’ constantly like a little anal skirting board inspector! lol x

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  5. Glad it’s not just me, WallyMummy! This week my husband is re-sanding and repainting some of our skirting boards and door frames he didn’t think we did well enough initially!

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  6. It would be me too. I get mad when the kids come in from a run and makes mud trails in the hallway I had just hoovered!! that only takes a few mins too…

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  7. Ooh, yes, I hate that too! The house looks decent for about half an hour before they mess it up again!

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