Sleepover – WIN!

For my daughter’s birthday, all she wanted was for her best friend to come for a sleepover.

We don’t have much experience of sleepovers, having lived for so long in a house that wasn’t big enough for five of us. The only sleepover we’ve had was for my eldest’s 10th birthday, when he and three friends stayed in tents in the garden (the fourth friend having left several hours earlier, by ambulance – seriously, it was that type of party). I can’t remember if they finally shut up at midnight or 1 (to be honest, I’ve tried to erase the whole thing from my memory), but I do recall the first one being up and coming inside for the toilet at 5.15am.

My eldest had a couple of sleepovers at his best friend‘s house back in year 5 and year 6 and seemed to suffer no ill effects. He slept reasonably well and came home in a good frame of mind.

But my most recent experience of sleepovers was a bad one. My younger son had two in quick succession at the same friend’s house right at the end of last year. Both times there were a few kids there. One night he allegedly didn’t sleep at all and the other he apparently got to sleep at 6am. Why?! Why didn’t he sleep?! The second time it took him days to recover – he was pale, quiet and hardly eating. All from lack of sleep. I was starting to suspect maybe he was actually ill. It’s safe to say I will be in no hurry to let him go for a sleepover again.

And so we approached the birthday sleepover. If I had a £ for every person that wished me good luck with a knowing smile or said they actually call them wakeovers I’d be quite rich have at least £5 or £10.

But I was quietly confident. I know my daughter’s friend. She’s sweet and quiet and peaceful. And she goes to bed at about 7.30 or 8. So she would think 9 or 9.30 was late! Win.

We know nothing about sleepovers. We don’t know where kids should sleep, what they should do before bed or what time they should go to bed.

But we made a bed on my daughter’s floor using her mattress and a few cushions off the settee, which they were very happy with.


They got into their onesies early and sat in front of the telly making a joke book. Apparently they are going to sell joke books and have already had several orders from school. It is one of the sweetest things ever – all colourful writing with just enough bad spellings to make it cute. I’ve never seen (or heard) so much Sellotape being used. Apparently they were ‘laminating’ it. They completed their first joke book and then the intention was to repeat the exercise several times over to produce them for their friends who have ordered them. My daughter was very impressed when Daddy pointed out he could save them time by copying them on a colour copier.

They had the telly on far too loud as they switched to some Sequin Art. My daughter’s friend was very impressed that my daughter is allowed to watch the whole of Saturday Night Takeaway. There was a bit of dancing to the new iPod, then they cleaned their teeth, went to bed at 9.30 and got Haribo out. This was what my daughter’s friend had been looking forward to most of all. They didn’t even bother to hide it from me.

At 10 past 10 my daughter was reading Tom Gates to her friend and the boys were complaining that they had to have their lights off when the girls were still clearly awake.

At 10.45 the girls and my younger son were asleep. Only my eldest was still awake – reading under the covers with a head torch. And I was feeling quite smug!

When I came out of the bathroom at 6.15am on Sunday, they were back doing Sequin Art. They said they hadn’t had much sleep. They’d had eight hours. For a sleepover, that’s a LOT of sleep.

My daughter and her friend had done me proud. I was so pleased they had proved me right (and all the doubters wrong).

Linking up to the very first Loud ‘n’ Proud with 3 Children and It Go over to see what others are proud of, then come back to this very blog next week for the second edition of Loud ‘n’ Proud!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That is most definitely a sleepover win! They sound adorable. I used to make books as a kid, and magazines too, but it never occurred to me to use sellotape to laminate it. What an excellent idea.

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  2. Loving the sound of the joke book, so cute. How many rolls of sellotape did you go through?! This is what every sleepover should be like 🙂 Thanks for linking up to our first ever #loudnproud!

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  3. Thanks, ladies! Too much blimmin’ sellotape! The noise of it was incredible! But bless them, they were so good and happy. Very excited to be linking up to the first ever #loudnproud Suzanne! 🙂

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  4. Aww! Sounds like they had a great time! Sounds the perfect sleepover for them and for you!! x

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  5. Thanks very much, ladies. I was so pleased with how it went. I may even brave it again one day! x

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  6. I’m filled with dread if any of my kids are asked on a sleepover, because you know you have to return the favour eventually. There are a couple of my two daughter’s friends, though, who I know are going to be fine, so I’m selective about who I say yes to these days. Hope you have continued success with future sleepovers.

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  7. So Sweet! I have boys and the eldest always has an xbox marathon through the night. I’m still trying to convince the other two just to sleep through the night haha x

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  8. Aawww.. I remember my sleepovers! Full of talk about crushes and giggles!


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  9. Sounds like you got off lightly with that one! Well done 🙂 I hope Grace has this type of sleepover when it happens – somehow I think it won’t! #MagicMoments x

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  10. Eight hours wow that is wonderful, I don’t recon on more than 4 max for my kids for a sleepover, but safe to say I don’t stay awake for them any more. I turn off lights around 1am when I go to bed knowing full well they turn them back on again but so long as they are quiet I leave them to it. Sounds like your daughter is very sensible and her friend too.

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  11. now thats sounds like it couldnt of gone any better at all!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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  12. Thanks very much, everyone! I was very pleased with it how it went. She will be welcome again! I like your style, Coombe Mill. I think that’s the technique I would have to use for my boys 🙂

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  13. Those hours will decrease as she gets older! I have very fond memories of allnighters in my teenage years followed by a whole day of sleep obviously


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  14. As long as they don’t keep me awake when they’re awake! Sleeping next day is good too. My son couldn’t get his head round that when he had his ‘sleepover’.

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