Halfway to 16

So my daughter is 8 now and I have that familiar birthday panic about her growing. She’s halfway to 16. Halfway to GCSEs and boyfriends and proms. Halfway to hair straighteners, fake tan and make-up (OK, probably a lot closer than halfway). She’s halfway to me giving her permission to get married, for flip’s sake! And, no, I WON’T be giving permission for my baby girl to get married before she leaves school.

Where did the time go? How did she get this big and this grown up so fast?

But I think back over the last eight years and it does seem a long time since my baby was sharing a Phil & Ted’s with her brother, since she had no hair, since she was breastfed, since she ate food which wasn’t chocolate or cake based, since she got her precious first pair of shoes…

I think of all the outfits she’s had – the muted pink and brown capsule wardrobe in 6-9 months, the retro lemon design Tshirt with the matching yellow trousers. And the dresses. So many dresses. Pink, floral, short, long, cotton, viscose, woollen. And the Lelli Kellys she got for her birthday every year, every pair a milestone.


This year she got an iPod (and definitely no Lelli Kellys) and we loaded it up with the music she loves, which is a lot of the music I love. It reminded me of her 4th birthday and how she had her own special birthday playlist – not kids’ music, but chart music. I’d forgotten she loved music that long ago. She danced with her friends to that music and she was so happy.

Did I panic then that she was halfway to 8? That she was growing up too fast? That she wasn’t a baby any longer? That she wouldn’t be cute any more?

Almost certainly.

But she IS still cute. She’s taller and the hair is longer. There’s hardly any pink left in her wardrobe, but she’s still that same baby girl that shared a Phil & Ted’s with her brother and danced to chart music with her friends on her 4th birthday.

And she’ll still be that baby girl when she’s 16.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I regularly tell my daughter that she will always be my baby! It flies, cannot believe mine will be 18 soon. X

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  2. Wow – I know time must fly but it’s so lovely to think of the little people they are becoming! Still, half way to 16 does sound crazy! lol xx I’m sure she’s a credit to you 😉 xx

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  3. My mum always tells us we’re still her babies and we’re now all 30 and above 🙂 Its bittsweet as they get older isn’t it? Luckily every age seems to be filed with its own enormous amount of adventues!

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  4. It’s all scary, but they are all definitely still our babies.
    When I started following you ladies you all had actual babies, now you’ve got feisty toddlers!
    She is definitely a credit, Wally Mummy, and there are certainly lots of adventures all the way, Tas! 🙂

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  5. My little girl still looks like those adorable pictures, i cant imagine her ever walking to the corner shop by herself to blow her pocket money on chocolate…

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  6. My daughter was 8 on Sunday and I assumed Lelli Kellys would be a thing of the past, but no, she would still like a pair for summer.

    I have no idea why but 8 suddenly seems so grown up. Happy Birthday to your daughter too.

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  7. Thanks very much, ladies!
    In my head my daughter is still that little girl really, Judith. Just taller, with more hair and glasses! She’s still my baby.
    That’s lovely that your daughter still wants Lelli Kellys, Vicki. She’s exactly two days younger than my girl! My daughter had them every birthday from 3, but when she went to choose a pair for her 7th she decided against them and got Converse instead!
    I can well believe it goes quickly, Stella! I can’t believe how quickly my kids have got big!

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  8. She sounds so much like my girl – from the swirly dresses and cool music, to the not pink leggings and cool music. And the Lelli Kellies! I won’t be sorry to leave those behind! x

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  9. I think girls of this age have a lot of similarities, Actually Mummy. I must say I did quite like the Lelli Kellies! I’d rather those to ‘grown up’ shoes on small girls! x

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