What she wore: Friend’s party

It’s been a long time since my daughter has been invited to a party. The classes were mixed for Year 3 (or not mixed so much as a handful of kids were swapped) and her old friends seem to have forgotten her and the new class aren’t including her yet.

So she was very excited to finally be going to a party and of course wanted to look her best.


This lovely party dress was a Christmas present from the Indigo collection at Marks & Spencers. From a distance it looks like it’s black and red, but it’s actually an unusual shade of dark green. The skirt is a nice knee length and it’s got a row of understated bronze coloured buttons on the shoulder.

She hadn’t got round to wearing it before, so I hadn’t really appreciated how nice the dress is and how much it would suit her. I find the problem with getting kids of my daughter’s age clothes for Christmas is that they are already halfway through winter and they rarely get enough wear out of them (she will most certainly have grown out of it by next winter).

She wore it with her black ballet pumps shoes, sparkly bolero cardigan and black tights which all came from F&F at Tesco and she looked gorgeous. She looked smart enough for a party without being over-done.

I really hope she gets more chances to wear this out before the winter is out. (And I especially hope she gets invited to more parties!)

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Beautiful. Because it is sleeveless though, I would let her carry on wearing it for the coming months. Is it the dark colours that puts you off doing so? I wouldn’t let it stop me, but I know what you mean, and I should understand given that I always aim to have Aaron in bright colours. I am sad on days when he is in a dark hoodie, which is rare.
    Liska xx

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  2. Thanks very much, Liska, I hadn’t considered wearing it in spring and summer, but that makes perfect sense to me! It was the dark colours that were making me think it was just for winter. My sons wear too many dark hoodies now, but they’re much older! I used to love them wearing bright colours 🙂 x

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  3. Oh that’s so hard when they’re having to make new friends. The Bug is just now beginning to settle into his new class after half the school year! Glad she’s starting to get invites – hope it was a good one x

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  4. Thanks very much, Actually Mummy, she loved it! Luckily she stayed with her very best friends, but it was a shame to be taken away from some of her other friends. x

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  5. Must be awful when classes get mixed up. Luckily (or not, however it ends up), our local primary is so small, 2 age groups are in together, and not split across classes.

    She looks really nice – just right for her age as well

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  6. She looks gorgeous! Love the dress with the little cardigan. I think it would be ideal to wear all year round as it sleeveless 🙂
    Hope she finds some lovely friends too, it can be hard being a class not knowing anyone x

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  7. Thanks very much, ladies, glad you like the dress.
    She’lll get there eventually with her friendships, she’s still got her best friends, it’s just the other kids she hasn’t really got to know yet.

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  8. Its a lovely dress. I think she could wear it into the spring & summer months as well!

    That’s really sad about her class though. What a shame her old friends haven’t continued to include her 🙁 I hope it doesn’t get her down.

    Thanks for joining in! X

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